7 stunning country walks for autumn lovers to try

7 stunning country walks for autumn lovers to try


From cascading waterfalls to ancient woodlands, take in the new season at some of the UK’s most beautiful locations. 

There’s nothing like going for a walk in the crisp autumn air.

As leaves turn to vibrant shades of reds and oranges and wildlife activity comes to life, exploring parks, countrysides and nature reserves can be a relaxing and beautiful experience.

Whether you’re looking to switch up your local walking route or you’re venturing out to explore new terrain, these seven locations are sure to make for stunning seasonal walks.

Rendlesham Forest, Suffolk

Rendlesham Forest

Whether you’re into walking, cycling or even horseback riding, Rendlesham Forest has it all. Based in Suffolk, this 1,500-hectare mixed woodland is home to one of the most famous purported UFO sightings in history and includes a UFO trail for the curious to explore.

Whitwell Wood, Derbyshire

Whitwell Wood

If you’re looking to see an abundance of flora, Whitwell Wood is just for you. Covering 171 hectares, the woodland makes for a stunning autumn walk, thanks to its wildflowers and a variety of wildlife including woodland birds.

Richmond Park, London

Forestry England

For Londoners wanting stunning landscapes, wildlife and beautiful views, look no further than Richmond Park. You’ll see acres of foliage in glistening golds and fiery oranges along with ancient trees and even deer herds if you’re lucky.

Hylands Estate, Chelmsford

Hylands Estate

While Hylands Park is known as the backdrop of Essex’s biggest music festivals and events, it’s a great location for a countryside stroll due to its glistening ponds, historic parkland and sprawling estate. Visit the Victorian Pleasure Gardens near The Stables for a particularly picturesque floral display.

Delamere Forest, Cheshire

Delamere Forest

Located southwest of Manchester, Delamere Forest is especially stunning during the autumn. Complete with three walking trails, visitors can enjoy the peace and quiet while taking in the views of the Liverpool skyline and observing the wildlife from the forest’s lakes.

Hafren Forest, Cambrian Mountains

Hafren Forest

Hafren Forest truly looks like something out of a movie. The majestic pine trees and cascading waterfalls will have you gazing in awe while walking one of the seven marked trails.

Loch Leven Heritage Trail

Loch Leven Heritage Trail

The Loch Leven Heritage Trail is a must for nature-lovers. Based in Scotland, this nature reserve is home to breeding ducks and is visited by whooper swans from Iceland and pink-footed geese, making it the perfect location for those looking to roam and take in the sites.

To find out more, visit Forestry England’s website.

Images: Forestry England; The Royal Parks; Hylands Estate; Visit Mid Wales; Loch Leven Heritage Trail.

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