ABT Sportsline Celebrates 125th Birthday With 800 HP Audi RS6 "Johann Abt Signature Edition"

ABT Sportsline Celebrates 125th Birthday With 800 HP Audi RS6 "Johann Abt Signature Edition"


German tuning company ABT Sportsline is celebrating its 125th anniversary in the only way it knows how to: by tuning the Audi RS6 to new extremes.

Dubbed the “Johann Abt Signature Edition,” just 64 cars are due to be built with only six being created by hand per month. While all ABT creations are special, this offering is arguably one of the customizer’s finest — each car is being assigned one builder, so they’ll all come with their own unique conversion story as “One man, one vehicle — from start to finish.”

Only 64 are being built because this number is actually an homage to Johann Abt’s life, who is the legendary Bavarian blacksmith that founded the workshop in 1896 that went onto support the likes of Audi and Volkswagen. As a result, Johann’s signature features frequently throughout the car’s design, and to further mark it as a piece of history, each will come with a time capsule with a fragment of the original anvil taken from the factory.

“High-performance was essential, as was the design of the anniversary model, which had to be as powerful as the will of our ancestor and founder”, explains Hans-Jürgen Abt. With this in mind, ABT bumps the Audi RS6 to 800 HP and 1000 Nm of torque, which is good for 0-62 MPH in just 2.9 seconds — or 0.69 seconds quicker than standard. The top speed has also been increased to 205 MPH.

As for visuals, it features a number of widebody aerodynamic elements that have been finished in a unique carbon structure, which adds “Signature Carbon Red” weaves into the fibers of the carbon fittings. Elsewhere, the air inlets, front lip, rear skirt and the 22-inch forged wheels have all been specifically designed for this rare edition, with the latter saving 3.5kg of weight per wheel in comparison to the standard model.

Take a look at the ABT Sportsline Audi RS6 “Johann Abt Signature Edition” above, and find out more on ABT’s website.

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