A&E doctor has found a flawless way to open Haribo without spilling a single one

A&E doctor has found a flawless way to open Haribo without spilling a single one


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A doctor has made a video demonstrating a crucial bit of home surgery – how to open your Haribo without spilling the sweets.

In the tongue-in-cheek clip, A&E medic Maddy Lucy Dann gives her game-changing tutorial that has been highly praised by sweet-toothed fans.

She says: "This is how to open a small pack of Haribo – don’t open like a crisp packet because then it opens weird, doesn’t open, splits."

If you dive right in with frenzied tearing you "lose the structural integrity of the lateral aspects", she warns.

Flipping the sweet bag horizontally, Maddy says: "Instead, shake the sweets down to the other side and then take the top and tear across.

"Perfect. Perfect sweets every time. I’ve got three packets of Haribo open to eat now."

The video has been watched more than 700,000 times on her TikTok account and has been flooded with comments since it was posted on Tuesday (January 4).

One delighted fan said: "Thirty-two years I’ve been flinging them across the room opening like a crisp packet. I thank you!"

"Thank you my life is now complete you don’t know how many Haribo soldiers I have lost to this diabolical scheme," wrote a second.

A third told her: "For those of us not cut out for med school, this is the kind of educational videos we need from you!"

"This is exceedingly valuable information for which I am grateful," a fourth person wrote.

Meanwhile, other users were shocked people hadn't figured it out for themselves, with one writing: "I thought everyone did this!"

This comes after people started arguing on how to pronounce Haribo "the proper way" and a spokesman had to clear things up once and for all.

And somebody else revealed something you can do with Haribo dummies which is apparently how they got their name.

Is this Haribo life hack useful or common sense? Let us know in the comments below

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