Airport in Chaos as American Family Try to Bring Home Unexploded Bomb as Souvenir

Airport in Chaos as American Family Try to Bring Home Unexploded Bomb as Souvenir


Collecting shells on vacation.

An Israeli airport was thrown into chaos on Thursday when an American family tried to bring home an unexploded bomb as a souvenir.

Ben Gurion International Airport near Tel Aviv was evacuated when security discovered the artillery shell in the US tourists’ luggage.

Cellphone footage inside the terminal shows hundreds of panicked travelers fleeing and diving for cover after an emergency alert was triggered:

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The Airports Authority told the Times of Israel that the family had been visiting Golan Heights in the northern part of the country, when one of the children stumbled upon the curious relic — and they decided to take it home.

The site of fierce Israeli-Arab fighting during 1967 Six-Day War, the region to this day is littered with remnants of the conflict, including land mines, barbed wire… and undetonated artillery shells, apparently.

“When they arrived to check their luggage, they showed the piece of the shell to security,” the Airports Authority said. “Since it was a piece of a shell, the evacuation of the area was announced.”

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According to authorities, one man was injured and had to be taken to hospital, after he tried to flee over a luggage conveyor belt and fell off.

In the end, bomb technicians declared the scene safe, and travelers were allowed to re-enter the terminal.

After a short investigation, the unidentified family were permitted to board their flight and depart back to the US.

They were not allowed to take their souvenir with them.

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