Aisling Bea brilliantly turns sexist article about her “gaping jumpsuit” on its head

Aisling Bea brilliantly turns sexist article about her “gaping jumpsuit” on its head


The devil works hard, but Aisling Bea makes misogynistic headlines work even harder. And we love her for it. 

Aisling Bea – aka the Irish comedian, actor, and genius writer who gifted us This Way Up – made headlines when she recently appeared on BBC’s The One Show to promote the second season of her Bafta-winning series.

“Series one we sort of meet Aine post recovery, sort of coming out of rehab and if that’s where she kind of gets to in series one,” she explained to hosts Alex Jones and Ronan Keating.

“Series two, is kind of like well what does recovery look like? And the dailyness of it? And how does it feel for, say, the other sister who’s kind of dealing with maybe her being a bit more… well, what does that feel like if you’re the co-dependant to have someone be a bit better? What do you do with your time? What do you do with yourself?

“So that’s where we meet them in series one.”

It was, as you might expect, a funny and insightful interview. Annoyingly, though, one tabloid decided to basically ignore everything Bea said and instead hone in on one viewer’s tweet about her “low-cut jumpsuit.”

“Fans of the BBC programme ‘couldn’t take their eyes off’ Aisling Bea’s gaping pink jumpsuit as she appeared on Thursday’s show to promote her award winning programme This Way Up,” read the media outlet’s chosen headline. 

This Way Up season 2 is returning to Channel 4 on 14 July.

Rather than allow them to control the narrative, though, Bea decided to share a screenshot of the article to her Instagram page. And, in the caption, she shared her response.

“This ‘article’, which will forever more remain online for future generations to look at as part of history, was posted about five minutes after we came off air,” she wrote.

“We went looking for the GIANT reaction to my GAPING OPEN jumpsuit and lads… it was based off of ONE tweet. UNO TWEETO. But delighted to see journalists working hard to get to the core of what is going on in the world.”

Brilliantly, Bea then decided to make that misleading headline work in the favour of a small business or two.

“You, too, can make the news from one tweet,” she said, addressing her followers.

“If you did like my GAPING jumpsuit, I bought it for UNDER 30 squid from second-hand clothing shop in Edinburgh run by some cool gals @littlebluedoorvintage. They have the BEST names – Aisling and Aine.”

Bea added: “My COOL earrings are from one of my faves @twistedvintagejewellery – she’s based in East London and basically makes new jewellery out of recycled old jewellery – so at some point these earrings were something else.

“I love it and also donated some of my old stuff to her to upcycle.”

The post, naturally, went down a storm with Bea’s followers, prompting the likes of Laura Whitmore and Jameela Jamil to respond.

“‘Gaped,’” echoed Jamil in disbelief. “Lol. The hatred of women is just pouring out.”

Whitmore, meanwhile, contented herself with a frustrated emoji, and one eloquent social media user summed up everyone’s feelings on that ridiculous headline with her succinct: “For fuck’s sake.”


This Way Up season 2 will premiere in the UK on Channel 4 on 14 July.

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