Aldi shoppers warned to check receipts as fans slam 'disgusting' self-checkout discounts issue | The Sun

Aldi shoppers warned to check receipts as fans slam 'disgusting' self-checkout discounts issue | The Sun


ALDI shoppers have been warned to check their receipts as fans spot a "disgusting" self-checkout issue.

Customers have taken to social media to slam the system, which they fear will lead to others being overcharged.

Shoppers scanning items at Aldi's self-service tills have noticed that reductions or promotions are not automatically applied to their grocery bills.

Instead, you have to call over a member of staff who will then manually input the savings.

It means that if an item doesn't have a reduction sticker applied, it will go through at full price.

This appears to have led to discounts being missed and customers spreading the word on the issue.



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Disgruntled Aldi fans have called the system "disgusting" while others have said it is a "waste of time".

Writing on Facebook one shopper posted: "Any discounts don't automatically apply on the self-checkouts.

"You have to ask a human employee to take the discounts off manually.

"This applies for % off stickers and any multibuys etc. I don't know if this is common knowledge."

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Fellow Facebook users flocked to the comments stating that they were unaware of the discounting process.

One wrote: "That's bad! How much money have they made out of that?!?!"

Another said: "Yet they are asking at the till if you want your receipt.

"I can’t help but feel that Aldi is not very caring towards their customers."

A third commented: "That's disgusting. There will be people that don't know this and miss out.

"They should have a sign up to say you need to get a member of staff to help with any discounts."

And a fourth wrote: "I’ve not seen anything to advise customers of this. Rip off."

Others were grateful for the warning as they too were unaware.

One said: "Thank you because I didn't know this… I'll make sure we check."

And another commented: "I've been caught out like this before so worth bringing to people's attention."

Now a retail expert has warned shoppers to be more vigilant when scanning their shopping.

Consumer champion Scott Dixon, known as "The Complaints Resolver", says he has even been caught out by the same issue.

He told The Sun: "This is a problem I have experienced and it's frustrating in having to wait for staff to duplicate a job you are doing for them.

"The tills are also set to flag for an assistant to check how many bananas you have entered as they are priced per unit.

"Shoppers need to be vigilant and check their receipts before they leave the store, as mistakes are often made by checkout staff on tills from scanning shopping too fast."

Scott said he was overcharged by more than £10 on three items earlier this year when an advertised discount wasn't applied.

He feels the issue could be "easily" resolved by taking up the same systems used by rivals.

He added: "Aldi could easily remedy this by using bar code machines that staff use in other supermarkets instead of rolls of discount stickers."

This practice is carried out by the likes of Asda and Tesco at their self-checkouts.

Aldi says it receives positive feedback about the convenience of our self-checkouts.

If someone feels they have been wrongly charged, it encourages shoppers to get in contact with the customer service team.

It's a good idea to take a photo of any on-shelf promotions if you're heading to the till, to make it easier for workers to put them through.

Also make sure you keep any reduction stickers visible in your basket so that you don't miss them and they can be put through faster.

Aldi has been slowly rolling out the self-service tills at certain shops since 2019.

The addition of the new checkouts has proved divisive amongst shoppers.

Recently, some shoppers have threatened to boycott the reopening of their local store once the tills are installed.

Self-service tills are available at at least a dozen stores in key cities including London, Manchester, and Leicester – but Aldi has not confirmed exactly how many.

No Aldi stores are completely self-service and customers are still able to pay for their goods at a staffed checkout if they prefer.

The supermarket has previously said that scanning the shopping yourself could make paying even faster.

Customers can pay for goods at the new tills with cash, cards, and Apple and Android Pay.

Self-service machines were first introduced in stores in the 1990s and have since been adopted by Lidl, Asda, Morrisons, M&S, Waitrose, Tesco and Sainsbury's.

Even clothing retailers like Primark and Zara have since introduced the new wave of checkouts.

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Meanwhile,  Aldi has issued a message to all shoppers with an account after a major change to shopping.

Plus, shoppers have been left fuming after a string of popular snacks and veggies were discontinued.

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