Alyson Hannigan Says She 'Gets Panicked' When Fans Quote American Pie in Front of Her Kids


Alyson Hannigan isn’t quite ready for her daughters to hear about band camp.

While appearing on The Kelly Clarkson Show Tuesday, the actress revealed that she isn’t too comfortable with fans quoting her sexually-explicit “this one time at band camp…” line from American Pie in front of her two daughters, Keeva Jane, 7, and Satyana “Saty” Marie, 10.

Hannigan, who played band geek Michelle Flaherty in the 20-year-old film, told host Kelly Clarkson that while it is “lovely to be associated with a movie people still know” she doesn’t want to discuss the scene with her young kids just yet.

“I’m loving this American Pie reunion,” Clarkson said, addressing Hannigan and her Pie costar, Eugene Levy, who also appeared on the talk show as a guest.  “But here’s my question, do people still walk up to you and say ‘This one time at band camp’?”

“Yes they do,” the 45-year-old actress shared. “But I have two daughters now and when they’re with me and somebody starts saying the line I’m like can we just stop there? I get really panicked,” she admitted.

“I’m like ‘Yeah, yeah I know what you’re talking about,'” Hannigan mimicked her go-to response if a fan was to repeat the line in front of her kids. “I don’t want to have that conversation with them yet!”

Levy then admitted that his son, Daniel, who he now stars with on the hit series Schitt’s Creek, didn’t want to discuss the raunchy movie with his parents from the get-go.

The actor shared that at the time of the movie’s release, Daniel was just 15 and consulted his friend before going to the film premiere with his family.

“The night before the premiere he was on a phone call with his friend in Toronto and he said ‘I’m going to the premiere of American Pie tomorrow night with my folks.’ And his friend said ‘Oh don’t see it with your folks!’ So he came to us and said I think I’m not going to go tomorrow and I’ll see it when I go back to Toronto with my friends,” Levy recalled.

Hannigan has expressed similar feelings about her infamous band camp line in the past, sharing that hearing the quote “was fine before I had children,” she told Entertainment Tonight during an American Pie reunion in July.

“Now I’d really like [the fans] to just be like, oh I recognize you, wink wink,” Hannigan said at the time. “Luckily they don’t finish the sentence, but I stand there terrified that they will.”

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