Amazon making You’ve Been Framed show with clips from millions of Ring doorbells

Amazon making You’ve Been Framed show with clips from millions of Ring doorbells


Amazon is set to release a You've Been Framed-style clip show—using video clips taken from its range of Ring camera doorbells.

The 'dystopian reality show' will feature all sorts of funny, strange, and daft viral videos taken from Ring doorbells, including "neighbours saving neighbours, marriage proposals, military reunions, and silly animals."

According to Deadline, the show, called Ring Nation, will be presented by Oscars host Wanda Sykes and launch on September 26.

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While it's unlikely that the clips will be used without user permission, the show has been criticised for 'normalising' surveillance cameras.

Over the last month, for example, Amazon has been repeatedly criticised for reportedly signing agreements with police departments to hand over camera footage from people's homes without their consent.

VICE reporter Edward Ongweso Jr tweeted: "Amazon's Ring surveillance cameras are a threat to public spaces that cultivate fear + paranoia, AND give cops even more power to terrorize us.

"We should oppose corporate surveillance & transparent PR efforts to normalise it like this stupid ****ing show."

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However, Jamie Siminoff of MGM said: "Bringing the community together is core to our mission at Ring, and Ring Nation gives friends and family a fun new way to enjoy time with one another.

"We're so excited to have Wanda Sykes join Ring Nation to share people's memorable moments with viewers."

Ring doorbells are just one component of Amazon's growing 'smart home' gadgets. It is fitted with a doorbell and a camera so users can keep an eye on who comes to their home and capture footage of them.


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