Anthony Davis injury update: Will he return to full speed this season?

Anthony Davis injury update: Will he return to full speed this season?


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This week we once again welcome Stephania Bell into the Hoops Lab. She does outstanding work helping us to understand and better estimate injury absences and return prognostications. Anthony Davis recently went down with a somewhat mysterious combination of injuries, and Stephania is here to shed light on the situation.

How did Anthony Davis get hurt?

Last week, Davis missed two games against the Thunder and reported that he was dealing with tendinosis in his right Achilles tendon. Davis stated that he wanted to be careful while managing the issue because of the location, and he hoped this was a situation where he could miss a couple of games early in the season as a trade-off to be healthy and available for the rest of the season and playoffs.

Unfortunately, Davis aggravated the issue in the second game after he returned to the court in a scary looking scene, as he repeatedly grabbed in the area of his Achilles tendon. A subsequent MRI diagnosed Davis with a calf strain and an aggravation of the tendinosis. Per ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski, Davis will be re-evaluated in 2-3 weeks and is unlikely to return to the Lakers prior to the NBA’s March 5-10 All-Star break.

What is tendinosis?

Stephania helped to unpack all the layers of this situation, describing this as an

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