Aries 2022 yearly horoscope: What the determined fire sign can expect from 2022

Aries 2022 yearly horoscope: What the determined fire sign can expect from 2022


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It’s not going to be a laid-back, chilled year for you, Aries. But don’t panic, that’s not necessarily a bad thing! You’re the first sign of the zodiac AND you’re ruled by Mars, which means you’re a pioneer, you’re super active and you thrive when you’re busy and making choices for yourself. However, you need to make time for reflection and gratitude to ensure you’re shooting for the right goals. chatted to astrologer Lesley Francis to find out the Aries yearly horoscope for 2022.

Overall Theme of 2022

Even if you have the urge to start new endeavours and operate at ten miles an hour, you must force yourself to do some deep thinking to start the year, Aries.

Lesley said: “Your engine is revving on high and all systems are a go, you’ve had enough of biding your time and holding back.

“Life needs to be lived fully and without reservation or restraint.

“But first, you need to take a deep breath and absorb the experiences of the last two years.

“The ones that took you up and down like you were living on a roller coaster, leaving you shaken to the core because this was not an adventure you initiated.

“It was thrust on you, and you know how much you hate not being in charge of your own destiny!”


Try to recognise the gift in all that has happened over the last two years.

If you can do this, Aries, there’s no stopping you!

Lesley explained: “Your relationship to yourself and to the world has changed.

“Gone is that self-assuredness that bordered on the irresponsible and taking risks without considering consequences.

“It has been replaced by calmer, deeper confidence based on taking stock of what you are about to do and why.

“This allows you to use all that energy you are brimming with in positive, life-affirming ways.”


When it comes to relationships, the truth may be “hard to accept” but “necessary” for you Aries.

You’re going to need to dig deep and reevaluate your relationships with friends, partners, and family.

The level of sensitivity you feel in connecting with anyone and everyone is amplifying, Lesley said.

The astrologer explained: “You don’t step into interactions with the same confidence you once did and you are easily wounded by what others say or do.

“What’s more, you aren’t sure what to do about it!”

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You are not as impervious to the thoughts, feelings and opinions of others as you believe you are, but the same things that affect others affect you.

However, what’s different right now is that you are more aware of it and your old coping strategies don’t work the way they once did.

Lesley warned: “This year offers you a chance to recalibrate your relationships – whether romantic, friendship or family – to include a deeper emotional awareness of yourself and others.

“And, strangely, this starts with respecting your own feelings rather than sending them to live anywhere in your consciousness where you don’t have to look at them.”

Success and Money

It might be wise to keep success and money in two separate categories this year, Aries, according to Lesley.

She said: “You need to continue to redefine what success is in your life and the only way you can do that is to remove money as the only measure of that.

“This is no doubt difficult to do since the two are so profoundly intertwined in the world at large.

“However, what you are coming to understand is that success is a lot more intangible than you thought, reflecting a deeper need percolating inside you to explore what you truly value.

“You need to open yourself up to the knowledge that the freedom to live your life the way you desire ACTUALLY has its roots in a strong inner foundation, not just in outer accomplishments.”

Once you recognise that success lies within you, you won’t find it as difficult to make decisions and manage your money.

Lesley said: “When you realise that success is about a strong inner foundation, it will be much easier to navigate any and all decisions popping up in your life in regards to money and whatever you do for a living.

“Plus, it will change your relationship to money, making it less of a problem to be solved and more of a blessing.”

Pitfalls and Potential Problems

It is absolutely normal for you to resist any attempts to push you in one direction or another, Aries, and you are likely to do this with all the force you can muster in 2022.

Lesley said: “You are tired of feeling that you are at the mercy of the fates. Well, you are. As is the rest of the world.

“The challenge here is not to fall into the habit of taking outer circumstances and creating a prison for yourself.

“Remember that your gift is to take on a challenge and mould it into something new and exciting.

“Ask yourself what can I do with the reality I am living? How can I make it work for me? Is there something I have always wanted to initiate in your life, but there was never time or space for it?

“Doing this will not only save your sanity, but it will also open up fresh ideas and oodles of creativity.”

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