Ashley Graham's Unedited Photo of Her Postpartum Tummy Is a Touching Love Letter to Changing Bodies

Ashley Graham's Unedited Photo of Her Postpartum Tummy Is a Touching Love Letter to Changing Bodies


Known for her sensational curves and honest talks about body confidence, Ashley Graham never misses a beat when taking fans on her body journey, especially since welcoming twin boys earlier this year.

On Nov 2, Graham uploaded a heartwarming photo to her Instagram story, showing an intimate stage of her postpartum journey. She uploaded the unedited photo with the super-sweet caption, “Hi new tummy. You look very different from what I’m use to. But I do appreciate you.”

In the photo, we see the supermodel rolling up her white t-shirt as she shows off her postpartum tummy. The body-positivity star truly knows how to remind everyone to be kind to our ever-changing bodies and that every stage is beautiful.

Like anyone, she has her good days and bad days, and in a recent interview with us, she talked about how she copes. “I remind myself that I have three little kids. You know, my body changed so quickly … like, it’s not going to just go back.” She said her biggest coping mechanism is to give herself some grace, adding, “You just had a child … or two, or three. Where you are is exactly where you’re supposed to be.”

As we said, she recently gave birth to her twin boys named Malachi and Roman in Jan. 2022, welcoming two brothers for her eldest son Isaac, 2.

And in another interview with Page Six, she talked about her go-to positive affirmations, saying, “I look in the mirror and do affirmations: ‘You are bold. You are brilliant. You are beautiful.’ If my lower pooch is really popping out that day, I look at it and say, ‘Pooch, you are cute!’”

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