Bargain hunters bag designer clothes and big brands in thrift store lucky dip

Bargain hunters bag designer clothes and big brands in thrift store lucky dip


Thrift stores are an incredible place to find some hidden gems when it comes to good deals on fashion. Sometimes you can get good quality leather jackets, a gorgeous outfit, or even designer brands for incredibly cheap.

Aside from saving money on good clothes, when you buy from thrift stores you help prevent those clothes from going into landfills, which is bad for the environment. So it's definitely a win on both counts.

The Vintage Thrift Store on Park Street is regarded as one of the best thrift stores in Bristol, where shoppers often find amazing deals amongst these hidden treasures.

Nia Dalton from our sister site 2Chill visited this thrift and showed us the incredible clothes she found for cheap.

'The best gems are hidden in vintage shops. And in this second-hand store in Bristol, it seems all the treasures can be found!

The Vintage Thrift Store on Park Street was recommended by a 2Chill user who rated their shopping experience five stars.

Millie Reeves called it “a treasure trove for clothes lovers” and said it was her “favourite vintage shop in Bristol!”

She said she always finds “a couple of treasures inside” and “if you love second-hand shopping it’s worth a visit.”

I didn’t need to be told twice to go shopping! So, off to Park Street, I went.

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Heading towards the huge yellow store, I could hear the thumping of upbeat music and I could see lots of people popping in and out.

The shop was spacious yet packed with hundreds of clothes, from sweatshirts to windbreakers, to co-ords and accessories.

It was one huge lucky dip!

I scanned through the rails and found a navy and red American baseball jacket – I couldn’t believe it hadn’t been scooped up.

Priced at £49, it wasn’t the cheapest, but it was in perfect condition.

"If you don’t buy it, I will!" my friend said to me.

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Then I came across a couple of Nike sweatshirts and a red one caught my eye.

It had a few tiny holes in the material, but I suppose wear and tear is part of the second-hand package!

I took both items to the till and left £84 lighter.

Whilst neither pieces were a bargain, they were both clothes that I would have bought brand new – only, they didn’t exist anymore.

The Vintage Thrift Store on Park Street is filled with good value, second-hand gems.

You just need to root through the rails hard enough to find them!

I have to agree with Millie – it is the best thrift store in Bristol.

A spokesperson from The Vintage Thrift Store told 2Chill: “Our shop is always really busy with students, families and regulars.

“We get two deliveries a week, and we aim to replenish 200 new items every day.

“Our most popular sections are the men’s sportswear and the women’s reworked vintage range.

“We’ve had lots of standout pieces in the shop – one was an Arsenal vintage football jacket that sold for £150.

“Another was a Mulberry two-piece and a Harley Davidson women’s leather jacket.”

“We’re different from other vintage shops in Bristol because there’s something for everyone. We have a premium section that is more expensive, and a thrift section which is like charity shopping, but better.

“We love vintage shopping because you can find items that no one else has.

“The clothes have all been worn before, and every item has a history and a story.”

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