Black Friday hacks to bag best deals – from early sign ups to budgeting

Black Friday hacks to bag best deals – from early sign ups to budgeting


Black Friday is fast approaching – so get your credit cards at the ready!

The annual shopping festivity takes place after Thanksgiving, which is always the last Friday of November.

And in the lead up to the main event, various early deals start dropping online.

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So how can you get hold of the best bargains? Retail experts at online marketplace have rounded up their top pieces of advice.

From creating a shopping list to signing up to mailing lists, here are some handy hacks to make Black Friday run smoothly.

1. Get planning

To avoid missing out on the day, create a shopping list of items you want to focus on.

This will stop you from getting overwhelmed by the staggering volume of offers available.

The experts added: "If you’re disciplined and stick to the list, not only will you walk away with everything you want – you’ll also avoid making unnecessary purchases that you end up regretting.

"Sticking to must-have purchases will help ensure that your budget works for you, which is especially important with finances stretched for millions amid the cost of living crisis."

2. Make sure it's actually a bargain

Just because an item has been heavily reduced, it doesn't mean it's a good deal.

Some retailers sneakily mislead shoppers into buying products that aren't worth the hype.

The shopping gurus recommended: "There are several handy price tracking sites out there like camelcamelcamel that monitor the cost of products over time, allowing you to see when exactly is the best time to buy.

"A little bit of research goes a long way and can help you make some big savings. And remember – don’t always get sucked in by the bright lights and big deals!"

3. Set a budget

Don't get carried away on the big day, as tempting as it is!

Before Black Friday, we'd recommend drawing up a budget.

Keeping in mind how much you want to spend on items, and Christmas presents, is always wise in the lead up to the festive season.

4. Use a credit card

This tends to offer consumers a bit more protection.

OnBuy explains: "Under Section 75 of the Consumer Credit Act, using a credit card means that if there’s a breakdown in the supply chain and you’re unable to receive a refund, you can claim the full cost back from your credit card provider.

"Remember that this only applies to items costing between £100 and £30,000, so credit cards are best used for the more expensive Black Friday buys like televisions and mobile phones."

5. Sign up early

Get ahead of the game by signing up to the mailing lists and loyalty schemes of your favourite retailers now.

You're likely to receive handy emails about when offers are being rolled out.

Doing this prep in advance will also help you check-out the biggest bargains before other shoppers swoop in.


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