Bloke ‘asks for happy ending’ at massage parlour and is left howling at response

Bloke ‘asks for happy ending’ at massage parlour and is left howling at response


A lad visiting a massage parlour for the first time was left howling at the response to his request for a "happy ending".

Ryan Pownall, host of the adult entertainment podcast Pillow Talk, is no stranger to the raunchy world of sex work and often posts his cheeky antics with porn stars and models online. But this time it was his jaw that dropped after one of his pranks resulted in a hysterical two-word response.

In the clip, which has gained more than 31,000 likes, he was seen lying on bed at a spa in Indonesia receiving a massage from a male massuer. He decided to jokingly ask if they do "happy endings" – aka a sex act – at the end of the session.

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His masseur astonishingly replied: "Yes, please." Ryan was left laughing hysterically as he clarified he was "just joking for the video" but carried on the banter by asking: "How much?"

Instagram viewers were left in hysterics over the clip and they took to the comments believing the guy thought the so-called 'happy ending' was going to be performed on him instead of Ryan. One user wrote: "I think he was thinking you were going to give him a Happy Ending haha."

Another added: "The confidence in the “how much” is wild." A third commented: "I AM SCREEEEAAAAMING!!." Meanwhile, a fourth wrote: "He has no idea what your talking about lol."

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