Blokes dreadlocks start falling out as he ‘didn’t know when to stop’ bleaching

Blokes dreadlocks start falling out as he ‘didn’t know when to stop’ bleaching


A bloke left TikTok viewers shocked after he bleached his dreadlocks so much that they started snapping off.

The man was seen doing several bleaching and toning sessions in the minute-long clip, which saw his hair go from black to bright yellow.

While his hair did lighten, it was completely brittle and fried – so when his friend ran her fingers over one of his dreadlocks, part of them came away.

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The botched job was documented by his friend @iwantsomesnackss on TikTok – who claims he "didn't know when to stop" bleaching it.

In the video, which has gained more than 695,000 likes, the creator known as Tootieee wrote: "He doesn't know when to stop. That's the second bleach today. Trying to tone it – doesn't work. Hair starts to fall out."

However, he was so determined to go lighter, that he didn't stop after the first clump came out and tried to colour and tone it again.

But it continued to break as his hair went green at the roots and the blonde parts went purple.

TikTok users took to the comments shocked and told him that he should have brushed his dreadlocks out first before attempting to dye them.

One user wrote: "Would've combed out the dreads and tried again."

Another added: "Why would you put chemicals on his hair after it was already falling out?

A third commented: "Purple shampoo isn’t a toner. You need an actual toner. The shampoo is just for upkeep between tones."

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The news comes after a heartbroken woman has taken to TikTok to share the drastic before and after of a failed salon appointment after the stylist caused chemical burns on the side of her face.

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