Boy gets 31-inch hair cut for first time after bullies say he ‘looks like girl’

Boy gets 31-inch hair cut for first time after bullies say he ‘looks like girl’


A boy has had his first ever hair cut to chop off his 31 inches of locks after being bullied for "looking like a girl".

Jimmy Samuel's mum Charlotte fell in love with his luscious so decided to let it grow until he decided he wanted it cut. Every time she asked whether he wanted it chopped off, Jimmy said "no".

After six years, his har grew to nearly floor length. But the now 12-year-old lad has since made the decision to wave goodbye to his Rapunzel hairdo "to help him fit in more at school".

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Charlotte said: "He did get some negative comments with people telling him he needed a haircut and comments saying he looked like a girl.

"A lot of people in the street and kids were making fun of him so enough was enough. His hair was so beautiful when he was born, we didn’t want to cut it, it was all up to him when to do it.

"I was so emotional, Jimmy’s hair has been with him since birth, and he’s so known for his hair. I think it will take me a while to get used to not brushing and playing with it. If we’re shopping, I still look out for his long hair now. I couldn’t watch him get it done!

"I had to stand outside and get his older brother to take him in. Hair washes have been a lot quicker since, it took forever when he had long hair!"

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After getting the chop, Jimmy donated his hair to the Little Princess Trust who create wigs for those who have lost their hair.

Jimmy isn't the only youngster to have stunned people with his locks. Back in 2021, footage captured a two-year-old toddler with "perfect Disney princess" hair that reached her shoulders.

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