Bridezilla says all bridesmaids must be a size 8 – and give her $500

Bridezilla says all bridesmaids must be a size 8 – and give her $500


Bridezilla is slammed after demanding that ALL her bridesmaids slim down to fit into size 8 dresses – before insisting they all make a $500 ‘DONATION’ to her honeymoon in Hawaii

  • An unnamed woman who was originally a member of the bridal party shared screenshots of a text from the bride on Reddit 
  • In the message, the bride said that ‘all the dresses and bridesmaids will be a size 8’ and warned anyone in the bridal party who isn’t that slim to ‘hit the gym’ 
  • She also stated that all of her bridesmaids will be required to have short, bare nails, and straightened shoulder-length hair 
  • The bride said that anyone in the bridal party with short hair will have to ‘get extensions’ and also banned fake tan 
  • At the end of the demanding message, she said that she would be ‘sending her Venmo and Cash app’ to anyone who hasn’t yet paid ‘the $500 donation’  

A bride-to-be has been branded an ‘entitled b****’ after her former bridesmaid posted screenshots of the list of demands she sent to her bridal party on Reddit. 

In the lengthy message, the unnamed bride, who appears to be based in the US, told her bridesmaids that they must all wear a size 8 dress for her December wedding, and insisted that anyone larger needs to ‘hit the gym’.  

She also told all of the women in her bridal party that they have to make a $500 ‘donation’ to her honeymoon in Hawaii. 

The woman who posted the anonymous text screenshots on Reddit revealed that the messages actually pushed her to step down as a bridesmaid, writing: ‘I’ve officially dropped out of the bridal party. I’m a size 12 with no plans on dropping to a size 8 by December.’

Demanding: A bridezilla has been slammed on Reddit after her former bridesmaid revealed the outrageous list of demands she sent to her bridal party – including that they all slim to a size 8 

She then posted the bride’s full message, which began with a seemingly-sweet introduction that read: ‘Welcome to my bridal party, I’m so excited to marry the man of my dreams.’ 

However, the text then took a very aggressive turn, with the bride quickly moving on to her list of ‘requests’ for her bridesmaids. 

‘Just a few things to ask,’ she wrote. ‘I hand picked all the dresses and bridesmaid[s] that will be there and they will all be a size 8. 

‘So if you’re not a size 8 I recommend hitting the gym. 

‘No offense to anyone but I have had this planned since I was in diapers and want it perfect.’ 

As well as her size requirements, the bride had a lengthy list of other aesthetic demands for the bridal party, including the style and length of their nails and hair. 

‘Your nails need to be cut short and uncolored,’ she continued. ‘Hair needs to be shoulder length and straighten[ed] so if your hair is short get extensions. No fake tans.’ 

Tellingly, the bride noted that her own best friend will not be a part of the bridal party at the wedding, which she will only attend as a guest – however she did not reveal whether this decision had anything to do with her list of demands, simply writing: ‘If you don’t know why just ask… we have an understanding.’ 

The anonymous woman seems to be somewhat aware of how extreme her requirements are, offering a half-hearted apology to those who think she is making ‘a lot of demands’, however she insists that ‘this is a special day’ and she ‘wants it to be like she always pictured’. 

She then signs off her note by reminding each bridesmaid to make their $500 ‘donation’ to her Hawaii honeymoon – but despite using the word ‘donation’, she implies that the payment is actually a requirement for each member of her bridal party. 

‘One last thing I’ll be sending my Venmo and Cash App to the ones who haven’t paid the $500 donation towards [my] honeymoon in Hawaii,’ she wrote. 

‘Love you guys, can’t wait to be a wifey.’ 

Unsurprisingly, the message has sparked a firestorm of criticism from other Redditors, with many focusing their outrage on the bride’s demands for money. 

‘Disgusting, they should just go to a local B n B if they can’t afford to pay for the trip themselves or at least encourage small donations of what people can afford,’ one person wrote. 

Another branded her an ‘entitled b****’, while one added: ‘A REQUIRED donation to the honeymoon? F*****g get over yourself.

‘No one cares about your wedding as much as you do… that is just reality. Obviously, reality isn’t in her lexicon.

‘I feel bad for her future husband if he isn’t a selfish, spoiled and entitled as she… gods help us all if they are a matched set.’

One person asked the original poster how the bride reacted when she dropped out of the bridal party – prompting her to reveal: ‘She was “hurt” but said she figured I wouldn’t be able to drop the weight since I recently gave birth and still expecting my to donate to her honeymoon.

‘That’s a big fat NO from me. I will be sitting out this wedding and instead going to stuff my face at Burger King.’ 

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