Cardi B Preparing To Launch Make-Up Line "Bardi Beauty"

Cardi B Preparing To Launch Make-Up Line "Bardi Beauty"


Cardi B is ready to make her presence more known than it already is. Clearly already on top of the charts with her hit music, she has recently diversified her projects in a series of different ways. She promoted her own sneakers, is starring in a movie, and now, she has announced that she’s preparing to enter the competitive world of celebrity beauty. She’s certainly at the very top of her game, and has millions of fans tuned in to her every post and tweet, so it’s safe to assume that her dream of launching her own makeup line will result in millions of dollars worth of sales. Elle reveals the line will be called Bardi Beauty, and the world waits in wonder for these products to be released for sale.

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Cardi B has taken the steps required to launch her cosmetics line right away. In fact, India cites that; “Cardi B’s company, Washpoppin Inc, has filed legal documents to lock down the rights to the phrase Bardi Beauty. The Grammy award-winning rapper is aiming to launch a bunch of products including cosmetics, fragrances, haircare, skincare and nail enamel.”

This seems like a very natural progression for Cardi B. She has always been known to glam up for her social media posts and her performances and on-stage appearances always depict the very latest in cosmetic and aesthetic styling. Her image is one of the biggest reasons fans are drawn to her, aside from her musical capabilities and controversial content, of course.

Fans can be assured that this isn’t an experimental venture for Cardi B. She has already tested the waters when it comes to her capability to succeed in the world of beauty. She has been aligned with Fashion Nova for roughly 2 years now, and Daily Mail reports that this line; “almost sold out on its first day, bringing in over $1 million in sales.”

She has also seen huge success in the marketing of her own sneaker brand with Reebok, and the shoes sold out faster than she had imagined, prompting her to go to her social media post to assure fans that more would be stocked quickly.

Cardi B has been teasing the release of her line of cosmetics for quite some time. She’s been hinting to fans that her makeup line would be “coming very soon” and has declared that this has always been something she’s wanted to pursue.

Given the very ‘loud’, confident, and unique styling that she has brought to the red carpet, and to social media over the years, fans already predict huge success for Cardi in the world of cosmetics.

She’ll be up against the likes of Kylie Jenner’s brand, Kylie Cosmetics, Rihanna’s Fenty Beauty, and many others, but with a style all her own, Cardi B is poised to pave her own path to success.

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