Chadwick Bosemans Memory Shall Now Be Honored With A $5.4 Million Scholarship

Chadwick Bosemans Memory Shall Now Be Honored With A $5.4 Million Scholarship


 Shortly after his death, it was revealed that Chadwick’s struggle with cancer was a very silent one. In spite of his ailing health, he remained dedicated to his craft and never faltered on his job or personal commitments. Chadwick worked hard to achieve his great success in the world of acting, and his sheer grit and determination are now being honored in the most meaningful way. The Washingtonian reports that Boseman was a proud graduate of Howard University’s fine arts program in 2000, and now, thanks to a massive, $5.4 million pledge from Netflix, his memory will forever live on through a variety of scholarships named in his honor.

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If ever there was an actor that believed in helping those less fortunate and lending a hand to elevate others along the way, Chadwick Boseman was ‘that guy’, and now, his legacy is not only going to live on, it’s going to thrive.

In an effort to forever commemorate Boseman’s contributions to the world of entertainment, and as a method of honoring his spirit, Netflix has stepped up to the plate with an unprecedented donation of $5.4 million in scholarships to Boseman’s former school – Howard University.

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The lucky recipients of this program will receive years of tuition for their enrollment in the College of Fine Arts. The Washingtonian reports that, “The scholarship will be awarded to students who demonstrate financial need and exemplify Boseman’s values, such as a drive for excellence, leadership, respect, empathy, and passion. This semester, the scholarship will be given to one student in each class year. After that, one incoming freshman will receive the scholarship every year.”

Chadwick Boseman will forever be remembered for his tenacity and his devotion to throwing himself into his craft. His giving, compassionate spirit and his belief that all artists should have easy access to higher learning will now be made possible by Netflix, and those lucky enough to be awarded these scholarships will forever be a part of this great honor.

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