Charlize Theron's Denim Boiler Suit Will Make You Forget How Annoying the Trend Is to Wear


Happy Day After Super Tuesday to Charlize Theron and Charlize Theron O-N-L-Y.

The Bombshell star stepped out in L.A. on Tuesday in a boiler suit to make even the most reluctant boiler suit adopter believe. The common fear of closely resembling someone who just rolled out from beneath a malfunctioning vehicle? Gone, quelled by an Oscar-winning actress.

Theron’s perfectly-loose-but-also-immaculately-tailored denim suit looks as though it was enveloped in a full-body hug from the Snuggle Bear and then carefully draped over the mother-of-two’s body by Tan France himself. And the accessories? *Chef’s kiss.* White wayfarer shades, a tiny black leather Louis Vuitton purse, and suede olive green booties complemented the boiler suit/denim deity. And oh, hello there, platinum pixie cut!

Charlize Theron in Boiler Suit

And OK, yes, this woman could make us buy/try essentially anything (read: a bowl cut), but this suit feels particularly democratic. Multiple pockets for all!

I suppose I should address the detractors: Sure, no one loves having to almost-fully disrobe every time you go to the bathroom, but this one-piece is making us think it really wouldn’t be that bad … I mean, bathroom-wise, it’s definitely a step-up from the no-snap bodysuit days of yore.

Thank you for your service, Charlize.

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