Craig Revel Horwood ‘says pros who refuse jab should be banned from live tour’

Craig Revel Horwood ‘says pros who refuse jab should be banned from live tour’


Craig Revel Horwood has reportedly suggested the professional dancers who refuse to be vaccinated against Covid should not be allowed to star in the Strictly Come Dancing live tour.

The 56-year-old is thought to believe that dancers should not put the safety of the public, celebrities, and backstage crew at risk.

He has even allegedly suggested that substitute dancers be brought in to replace those pros who will not get the vaccine.

The judge has been on the hit BBC1 dancing show since it began in 2004 and has been the director of the live, nationwide shows since 2012.

Speaking to The Sun on Sunday, source who is close to Craig said: “There will always be a dancer to replace anyone who hasn't been double-jabbed. He would like the tour policy to be, 'No jab, no job..' But it remains to be seen if he can achieve that when it comes to bookings.”

The insider added: "Past tours have seen celebs with partners they were not with on the show so, in theory, dancers could be swapped out.”

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While it is unconfirmed from the star himself, it lines up with Craig’s previous comments about the vaccines.

In an interview with the Times recently he compared getting the covid vaccine with the flu jab, saying: 'This is no different, and why people are up in arms about it I have no idea. It's ridiculous.”

It has been reported that as many as three of this year’s pro dancers have decided not to take up the free vaccine jabs.

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So far there has been no public comment on the issue, or confirmation as to whether the dancers have refused the vaccine or which dancers they are.

It is thought that the BBC, as the dancers' employer, cannot force anyone to have the jab, although the may be applying "gentle pressure”.

An insider confirmed that one pro had succumbed to persuasion, saying: "'No-one told them they have to get jabbed but it was a decision they came to themselves and felt it was the best thing to do for everyone involved.”

They continued: "The pro felt that the narrative had gotten out of control and wants to bring back the focus to the competition.

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