Curvy adult star thought ‘nobody would sleep with me’ during real estate career

Curvy adult star thought ‘nobody would sleep with me’ during real estate career


An OnlyFans model who once sold houses and apartments to interested buyers has opened up about swapping her stable 9 to 5 for life as an adult performer.

The US based woman – who goes by Curvy Mary online – now makes a living through sharing snaps and videos with paying subscribers on her OnlyFans account.

Mary also hosts a podcast, the Dangerous Curves podcast, where she talks to guests from the adult industry about their experiences.

And, speaking to Jasmin St. Clair on her Krazy Train podcast, the adult performer described how she had transitioned from estate agency work to making porn.

“I did real estate for about 15 years right after I graduated college. I did that for a while and then I started to get more and more successful, and then I kind of started to get burned out,” she explained.

“Now this has given me an excuse to get out of this for good.”

But despite her new-found success, Mary admitted that she didn’t always have the confidence to pose nude online.

“I spent most of my twenties thinking that nobody wanted to have sex with me, that guys weren’t attracted to me, and if they did it was out of pity or desperation,” she recalled.

“After I turned 30 I realised that I was completely wrong, I was selling myself short, and that I had far more value and worth and attractiveness than I had thought.”

And, the adult star ruled out a return to her former profession, but hinted that she might be interested in a spoof representation.

“I am burned out on real estate, I have no interest in doing it ever again.

"I would do a property porn; that little genre people like where it’s a fantasy of f**ing their real estate agent in a house that they’re showing them. I want to do a scene like that with a couple, that would be really fun, but that’s as far as I want to go in real estate.

“I love doing porn. I learned from doing porn that I’m an exhibitionist and I really realised that in order to get into porn you have to be one.”

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