Cyberlandr Transforms Tesla's Cybertruck Into an Elevated Camper

Cyberlandr Transforms Tesla's Cybertruck Into an Elevated Camper


Tesla‘s futuristic looking Cybertruck is expected to go into production later this year and officially start hitting the market in 2022. While the general public has yet to take it out for a spin, owners can already consider sprucing up the vehicle with a Cyberlandr — a high-tech camper that fits perfectly into the rear of the Tesla model and has all of the essential tools.

On the exterior, this modernized pop-up attachment comes packaged with retractable solar panels, a sliding door, retractable steps and tinted windows. However, the interior is where things really get interesting. Inside, you’ll find heated flooring, a sink big enough to fit several decently-sized dishes, a touch-less and voice controlled faucet, invisible induction cooktops and a compressor refrigerator. If you’d like to get some work done there’s also office elements like the pivoting tables as well as free standing chairs, the latter of which are constructed with high density foam and can fold into either a bed, recliner or a bed. Lastly, there’s also a recirculating shower area that comes with a foldable compact sink.

Retail price for the Cyberlandr shell is set at $49,995 USD but the tech brand is currently offering several promotional discounts if you reserve yours early here.

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