Danniella Westbrook has first surgery to repair ‘decaying’ face after drug abuse

Danniella Westbrook has first surgery to repair ‘decaying’ face after drug abuse


Danniella Westbrook has shared that she has began her four stages of surgery to repair her "decaying" face which was caused by her use of drugs.

After the bone in the former Eastenders star's face began to rot she forced to undergo corrective surgery.

The 47-year-old, who wants to put an end to the nasty trolling she has received over time, took to Instagram to share the news and results following her first procedure.

She said: "Stage one of the four part journey of reconstructive surgery to rebuild my face and finally stop all the hate."

On Twitter, Danniella beamed: "I'm over the moon thanks to my darling friend CL owner of Beverley hills aesthetic's in deal…

"She has been amazing and glad she is working alongside the fabulous medical team to assist my transformation and journey x" [sic]

Fans across both sights were supportive and offered up sweet messages of encouragement.

One online user penned: "If your mind can conceive it your heart will believe it I know you can achieve it.. well done Danni."

Another positively chimed: "Good luck beautiful. I have my fingers crossed everything goes perfect for you xxx"

The Sun also reported that a close chum of Daniella's had explained that the surgery meant way more to the ex soap star than just repairing her two decade long drug addition damaged face.

Daniella's friend said: "This is an incredibly important process for Danniella. It is more than just an operation.

"It is the start of a major new chapter in her life. She receives a lot of her hate on social media and is hoping this operation will correct many of the problems."

Three years ago, the actress spoke out to reveal that her face had started to "rot away" following years of drug abuse which lead to botched surgery, followed by osteoporosis.

At the time, she detailed how previous operations left her with a cheekbone that was "wasting" away and with screws instead of teeth, that she claimed cut her tongue when speaking.

In the same 2018 interview, Daniella also unveiled that the messed up surgery had left one side of her face completely "sunken".

While on other days, she could wake up in absolute agony due to the "decaying" and "weakened" bones in her jaw.

She said: "I just don’t look like myself any more.

"Obviously I'm going to age a lot faster anyway because of the drugs but I didn't need this as well."

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