Did Tony Romo’s pants have a pee stain during the Super Bowl?

Did Tony Romo’s pants have a pee stain during the Super Bowl?


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What bowl was Tony Romo playing in?

The CBS Sports football analyst appeared to have an unfortunate bathroom mishap ahead of his Super Bowl halftime spot Sunday — and was pictured on national television with a damp mark near his pants zipper.

The 40-year-old former Dallas Cowboys quarterback — who reportedly has a $180 million salary contract with CBS Sports– was briefly trending on Twitter Sunday night as users wondered if the wet spot was urine or something else. 

“Okay, so we all saw the pee stain on Tony Romo’s pants, right?” one Twitter denizen wrote during the broadcast. 

“Tony romo on national tv with pee pants. Tony, take an extra shake!” another quipped. 

“Will @tonyromo check Twitter on the commercial break and let us know if it was indeed a pee spot?” one user asked. 

“Maybe it’s grease stain from a chicken wing or something,” another said. 

CBS Sports didn’t immediately return a request for comment.

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