Dr Hilary settles row on whether sharing bath water is hygienic after GMB row

Dr Hilary settles row on whether sharing bath water is hygienic after GMB row


Dr Hilary offers advice on sharing bath water

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The two stark opinions sparked a debate on Good Morning Britain (GMB), with audiences turning to Twitter to add in their two pence. However, when Susanna Reid turned to Dr Hilary for his take, the answer was more shocking. “To be honest, loads of people in a Jacuzzi is not hygienic at all compared to a bath,” Dr Hilary said. When Susanna mentioned that some people don’t like to soak in a bath “of their own dirt”, the resident doctor had a prompt response.

“What sort of dirt are we talking about here? I mean, you’ve got litres of litres of water, diluting every little skin cell and every little bacteria.

“There’s bacteria on our body all of the time. And then, what you see when you empty the bath is what is left.”

In fact, Dr Hilary even mentioned there’ll be more “scuzz” left on a towel after a bath.

In response to whether it’s hygienic for Sarah Beeny to share her bath water with her husband and two boys, Dr Hilary thinks “it’s fine”.

“I think a bath, by the time the water has diluted everything, is fine,” he said.

When the segment was live this morning, 56 percent of GMB viewers disagreed, and Tweeted that it’s not OK to share bath water.

One viewer, Annette Wilson, Tweeted: “It may have been normal in the 60s, 70s… but we didn’t have combi boilers back then.

“We had one single hot water tank that needed to do the whole household.

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“So they’re all sharing a bath that they’ve all cleaned their butts and possible pee’d in yuk.”

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