Édgar Ramírez Loses More Family Members to Covid-19, Urges Vaccinations In Heartbreaking Post

Édgar Ramírez Loses More Family Members to Covid-19, Urges Vaccinations In Heartbreaking Post


“To get vaccinated in an act of compassion,” wrote Ramirez, whose family members didn’t have access to the vaccine in Venezuela.

Édgar Ramírez is expressing his sadness and frustrations after he lost additional family members and friends to the coronavirus.

On Wednesday, the actor posted a lengthy and heartbreaking message to Instagram, in which he opened up about the tragic deaths of his loved ones due to Covid-19, which he described as a “treacherous and violent disease.”

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In this post, Ramírez, 44, shared that his Aunt Lucy and Uncle Guillermo both died from Covid-19 complications last weekend in Venezuela. One day later, he discovered a family friend had also passed away after battling the virus. Ramírez pointed out that the deaths came a little more than a month after he lost his grandmother to Covid … and four months following the passing of his Venezuelan agent, Laureano, whom he called “a dear friend.”

“My heart can’t just take more pain. I am sad, I am frustrated, I am devastated,” Ramírez wrote in his post. “It’s been weeks and weeks of my family being played, tortured and jerked around by this cruel, treacherous and violent disease which mercilessly ended up killing them all.”

“I can’t stand this void in my chest, this metallic taste in my mouth, this crippling headache that doesn’t seem to soothe,” he added. “The waves of hopelessness that I refuse to let take root in my soul.”

The “Jungle Cruise” star went on to reveal that none of his late relatives and friends had been vaccinated against Covid-19, noting that they all lived in Venezuela, where they didn’t have access to the vaccine.

“Meanwhile, tens of thousands of vaccines are being thrown away in the United States because a larger number of people don’t want them,” Ramírez expressed. “It breaks my heart that so many people in this country are willing to snub the very vaccine my family would have taken in an instant.”

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The “Yes Day” actor continued by urging people to get the Covid-19 vaccine if they can.

“As my family and millions of people go through the nightmare of losing their loved ones because there aren’t having enough vaccines in the rest of the world, my hope is that anyone who can get vaccinated, do so today,” Ramírez said.

“Don’t do it for yourself. Do it to protect those who are vulnerable, those with immune deficiencies, and all others who can get very sick if infected,” he added. “To get vaccinated in an act of compassion.”

The “Hands of Stone” star then brought up a “powerful conversation” he had with the nation’s leading infectious disease expert, Dr. Anthony Fauci, last week, in which the two spoke about “vital information” about the pandemic and vaccines.

Concluding his post on Wednesday, Ramírez said, “Lastly, I encourage you all to follow science and truthful information, and please, please, PLEASE…If you can, GET VACCINATED so you can help save those around you.”

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In the post’s caption, he added, “I beg you to please read this post carefully 🙏🏽. It is the most painful and the most intimate thing I have had to publish in my life, but I think it is important to share it. At times I feel like it is a nightmare from which I am going to wake up, but I know it is not. That this is as real as the air that at this moment it is difficult for me to breathe.”

After again highlighting his recent conversation with Dr. Fauci, Ramírez stressed, “No one who has access to a vaccine should die from COVID-19. Please read this information, watch the interview and please, please share it.”

According to Johns Hopkins, as of August 26, there have been over 38 million reported cases of Covid-19 in the U.S. and 632,543 deaths. Worldwide Covid has infected over 214 million and killed at least 4 million.

Meanwhile, as of August 26, in the U.S., 51.5% of the population, or 171 million people, are fully vaccinated, per the CDC. Per Johns Hopkins, there have been over 5 billion vaccine doses administered worldwide.

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