Elon Musk Set To Build Tesla Beach Tunnel in Fort Lauderdale

Elon Musk Set To Build Tesla Beach Tunnel in Fort Lauderdale


The Venice of America is soon to see some changes to its highly frequented beaches. In yet another major business venture, SpaceX and Tesla CEO Elon Musk is coughing up $30 million to construct a tunnel underneath underground transit circuit underneath Fort Lauderdale.

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The news of the city’s approval for this project became public this Tuesday, according to the New York Post. Dubbed ‘The Las Olas Loop’, the tunnel is projected to be completed within six months under, facilitated by Musk’s Boring Co., and will run between the city’s downtown area and the beach.

“Fort Lauderdale and The Boring Co. made initial contact early this year to discuss underground alternatives to the construction of a high-rise commuter rail bridge over the New River,” officials stated in a city press release.

It will cost around $5-$8 per the hundreds of people expected to utilize the upcoming project. Mayor Dean J Trantalis took to Twitter to announce Las Olas Loop’s approval.

“Fort Lauderdale formally accepted tonight a proposal from Elon Musk‘s Boring Company to build an underground transit system between downtown and the beach,” the mayor tweets, “Other firms have 45 days to submit competing proposals. This could be a truly innovative way to reduce traffic congestion.”

The company has produced a number of similar tunnels throughout the nation. A 1.7 mile tunnel for the Las Vegas Convention Center was built within just a year, costing the company around $47 million. Vegas will soon see yet another Boring Co. loop that connects the city Strip to its airport. It’s even projected that there’ll be an extension that will connect to Los Angeles.

Most recently, the company began negotiations with lawmakers in San Bernardino to build a tunnel that connects the county’s Metrolink train station to the Ontario International Airport. If everything goes as planned, the appropriately named ‘Ontario Airport Loop’ will begin operation in late 2023 or early 2024, according to The Mercury News.

“I think this is definitely going to happen,” county supervisor Curt Hagman tells the publication, “I’ve seen the technology and I believe in it. I think it is the beginning of the future of three-dimensional travel at an affordable rate.”

We can expect to find out whether the project will hit San Bernardino by September.

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