Elvis Presley film timeline: How many films did Elvis Presley star in?

Elvis Presley film timeline: How many films did Elvis Presley star in?


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Elvis Presley was a man of many talents, who could perform incredible vocal feats, play guitar, and woo the ladies. He was also a film star and spent much of his career focusing on acting, which arguably was his first love over music. Express.co.uk has everything you need to know about Elvis’ films.

How many films was Elvis Presley in?

Elvis Presley starred in 31 films in his career, though have suggested he was in even more movies, possibly even closer to 50 films overall.

According to Peter Guralnick’s book, Last Train to Memphis: The Rise of Elvis Presley, Colonel Tom persistently lobbied the William Morris Agency president Abe Lastfogel to give Elvis a screen test so he could star in a movie, given he had shown an interest in movies before music.

Up until that point, Elvis had focused on music, releasing an album with Sun Records.

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However, Elvis had desired to act separately to his work in music, and according to some reports, stressed he did not want to sing in his movies.

With Colonel Tom’s efforts working, Elvis got his screen test for Paramount on March 26, 1956.

This saw him get signed up to Paramount Pictures for one movie, with an option to keep him for six further films.

He was allowed, as part of this deal, to make movies with other studios.

But his dreams of separating his acting and musical work was not to come true.

His first film was Love Me Tender, which included Elvis singing the title song, despite not being the lead actor.

However, that was soon to change, as Elivs’s next film in 1957, Loving You, saw him in the starring role, which was a trend to continue for some time.

Elvis wanted to act in more than just romcoms or romances, and even starred in a Western, Flaming Star (1960).

Elvis also took on some difficult subjects in his work, such as in It Happened at the World’s Fair, where he played a pilot that was down on his luck and struggling to make ends meet.

One of his more famous roles was in Viva Las Vegas, for which he sang the famous song and starred opposite Ann-Margret, who claims she had a year-long romance with the singer.

Elvis mainly starred in films throughout the 1960s, then in 1969 he decided to make a return to music, and began performing in Las Vegas in some of his most iconic years.

Here is the full list of Elvis Presley’s film performances:

Love Me Tender

Loving You

Jailhouse Rock

King Creole

G.I. Blues

Flaming Star

Wild in the Country

Blue Hawaii

Follow That Dream

Kid Galahad

Girls! Girls! Girls!

It Happened at the World’s Fair

Fun in Acapulco

Kissin’ Cousins

Viva Las Vegas


Girl Happy

Tickle Me

Harum Scarum

Frankie and Johnny 

Paradise, Hawaiian Style

Spinout Mike McCoy

Easy Come, Easy Go

Double Trouble


Stay Away, Joe


Live a Little, Love a Little


The Trouble with Girls

Change of Habit

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