Feeling insecure? These crystals are claimed to bring you self-confidence

Feeling insecure? These crystals are claimed to bring you self-confidence


Is there nothing your crystal collection can’t do for you?

Your rocks could have you covered, as it turns out.

Whether you’re looking to sleep better, emotionally heal, astral travel, say your piece, find a new love or love yourself, these magical, natural wonders are each claimed to have their own special properties to help amplify or balance your own energy.

They are supposed to work by vibrating at a certain frequency that tunes in to your own, seeking to harmonise and optimise the wavelength and bring your vibrations in synch with theirs.

Each crystal has its own personal vibe, and therefore you can cherry pick the right one to help you with your issue – and self confidence and courage is certainly on the list of things with which crystals might be able to help.

Sit your crystals on your desk, put them next to your laptop, wear them as jewellery, or even roll one around in your hand in tough situations.

Having your crystals in and around your environment, as clusters or home decoration, will also help surround you with their vibrations and boost your confidence naturally.

Here are the crystals to try if you’re struggling with self-doubt…


Amber is fossilised tree resin (as famously told in Jurassic Park), and Far Eastern legend purports that it contains the souls of tigers, and therefore brings their power and courage to its wearer.

Scandinavian women would have spindles with amber whorls so they could spin its healing, protecting, strength-bearing properties into garments for their warrior husbands.

Amber is claimed to relieve anxiety and self-torture, dissolve the practice of putting barriers in our own way, and help us become the best versions of ourself.

Red Carnelian

If you’re one for underestimating yourself, feeling the dreaded imposter syndrome or backing down from your goals through self-doubt, then drape yourself in Red Carnelian.

It promotes ambition, power, confidence, determination, and the urge to get behind your dreams 100% and just go for it.

Wear as jewellery or even pop some under your mattress, so it can work on you through the night and activate your power.

A great stone to keep with you, too, if you’re facing bullies or an intimidating environment.

Red Jasper

Red Jasper is the provider of quiet strength and the emotional stability to stand up for yourself against people or situations that overwhelm or threaten you – it’s also great for first days.

According to Viking legend, the hilt of the magical sword of Siegfried the dragon-slayer was inlaid with Red Jasper to give him courage. Become your own dragon-slayer and absorb the brave, passionate and independent influence of this quartz crystal. You are an army of one.


Turquoise is a phosphate with traces of copper and iron, and has been prized for thousands of years by many cultures – Aztecs, Ancient Egyptians, Ancient Chinese and Native Americans.

It has an empowering influence, and will help you to express yourself clearly and assertively, approach challenges with confidence, and overcome prejudice or bullying.

It is a protector of the undermined and oppressed.


Connect with your ancestors’ power and get your ancient family roots to provide courage and confidence in who you truly are, where you come from, and what you deserve in life.

Bloodstone awakens the warrior inside of us. It’s a stone of evolution which gives us the courage and protection of our ancestors.

The wisdom of your lineage is alive in your body, through visceral instincts and cellular memories of struggles they overcame. They can act as spiritual allies, standing like an army in a long line behind you.

Wear Bloodstone and tap into this source of familial power.

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