Fish and chips will surge in price 'because of offshore wind farms' | The Sun

Fish and chips will surge in price 'because of offshore wind farms' | The Sun


FISH and chip dinners will soar in price because offshore wind farms are likely to gobble up too much of Britain’s waters, a report warns.

Fishermen say Boris Johnson’s plans for more turbines in the sea mean half of their territory could be lost by 2050.

Fish would go uncaught with restaurants forced to pay more or import.

The report by Scottish fishing federations said the country would lose thousands of jobs.

The federations want to be included in green energy talks.

They said: “The outlook ahead is truly frightening.

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“Expansion of offshore renewable energy generation and marine conservation are being prioritised above fishing.”

Last night, Cabinet minister Jacob Rees-Mogg said: “You need planning in the sea that works for people who are fishing as well as wind farms.

“It is obviously important that the knock on effects of all government policies are properly considered.”

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