Five easy ways to save over £400 on fuel from this bank holiday weekend | The Sun

Five easy ways to save over £400 on fuel from this bank holiday weekend | The Sun


MANY of us will be making the most of the long weekend to enjoy a trip away.

But rising fuel costs have made hitting the road pricier this bank holiday than earlier this year.

The average cost of filling up has now shot over 150p per litre for the first time since January.

Petrol is now 150.51p per litre and diesel 152.41p, the latest figures form the AA show.

However, with a few clever hacks you can save hundreds of pounds on petrol or diesel over a year, according to an expert.

This is because it's not just the distance that you travel that affects how much fuel you burn driving.

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Your style behind the wheel can be a big factor in how much money you spend filling up.

Car expert Al Lijee is managing director of myWindshield and has shared with us five fuel-saving tips that can impact both your wallet and the environment.

Aircon con

  • Estimated monthly savings: £7.20 to £14.40 on a fuel cost of £100

 It might come as a surprise, but one of the most effective fuel-saving measures is also one of the simplest to stop.

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Al says: “Turning off your air conditioner when it's not needed is a simple hack you can implement straight away."

 Air conditioning systems draw power from the engine, placing an additional strain that can significantly impact fuel consumption.

The expert recommends rolling down the windows and enjoying a natural breeze instead of putting all the power on your engine to save cash.

Speedy to steady

  • Estimated savings: £7.20 on a fuel cost of £100

Getting to our destinations as quickly as possible might sometimes be a priority, but maintaining a slower steadier speed can do wonders for saving fuel.

Al says: “Frequent acceleration and regular braking can cause the engine to use more fuel, as it has to work harder to regain speed after braking."

If your car has cruise control, use it motorways to keep a steady pace and minimise any unnecessary fluctuations in speed.

"This not only saves fuel but also contributes to a smoother driving experience for all passengers,” says the expert.

Healthy car, healthy drive

This one is simple, but keeping your car in tip-top condition with regular services and checkups is important to maintaining car health.

Al says: “Regular vehicle maintenance is essential not only for the longevity of your car but also for optimising fuel efficiency too.

"For example, properly inflated tyres can significantly reduce rolling resistance, meaning the engine has to work less, ultimately saving fuel.”

Weight watcher

  • Estimated monthly savings: £2.88 (assuming you carry an extra 90kg of cargo on a fuel cost of £100)

Carrying unnecessary weight in your vehicle can lead to increased fuel consumption.

 "Every extra pound requires more energy to move the car, so if you’ve overpacked a little too much for your weekend away, it might be worth reconsidering," according to Al.

Roof racks and accessories can create an aerodynamic drag, making your vehicle less fuel-efficient.

"If you're not using them, consider removing cargo carriers and other car accessories to save a little extra on fuel,” Al suggests.

Petrol hunt

  • Estimated monthly savings: £5.76 (assuming a 5% saving on a monthly fuel cost of £100)

Although the price of petrol is increasing, a search for the cheapest forecourt in your area can make a big difference.

Try the website which features a tool to help you find the best value petrol near you in a matter of seconds – including supermarkets.

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Al says: “Shop around for the best deals, this can often save some drivers up to 10p in some circumstances.

"What’s more, using various apps and loyalty point schemes to get discounted fuel could save you even more than it would have cost you,” says the expert. 

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