Flat in need of a 'complete refurbishment' being sold for £275,000

Flat in need of a 'complete refurbishment' being sold for £275,000


Would-be buyer jokes that looking for property in London ‘humbles you’ after spotting a crumbling one-bedroom flat on sale for £275,000 – but it’s close to an organic shop and has an ‘open plan’ kitchen

  • Twitter user Ian was ‘humbled’ by a one-bedroom flat for sale on Right Move 
  • The £275,000 property is advertised as needing a ‘complete refurbishment’ 
  • Boasts an open plan kitchen – which has been plonked at the side of the living area 
  • Buyers are also urged to make own enquiries about its structural condition 

A man who has been scrolling the internet in search of a property to buy in the Capital has labelled the experience ‘humbling’, after spotting the high asking price for a flat which requires complete refurbishment.

Twitter user Ian spotted the one-bedroom flat in Finsbury Park, London, on property website Right Move, and tweeted a photo of the bathroom writing: ‘Looking up gaffs in London would really humble you.’

The property on sale for £275,000 boasts of being spacious and located in a quiet residential area within walking distance from Clissold Park, Woodberry Wetlands and Finsbury Park Station, and close to organic supermarkets. 

It also lists features such as an open plan kitchen and living area, although the definition is somewhat questionable, with the cooking area plonked in the sitting room with the back of the units facing out into the room, rather than being fitted to a wall. 

However buyers are warned it is in need of a complete refurbishment, and the advert also urges that those who are interested in purchasing to make their own enquiries about the structural condition of the property located on the ground floor of a Victorian conversion. 

Twitter user Ian has claimed he was left humbled after spotting a one-bedroom flat advertised for £275,000 on Right Move (pictured) 

The seller of the property located in Finsbury Park, London, advertises that it is need of a ‘complete refurbishment’ – with a photo of the kitchen showing very dated worktops, crumbling cupboards and an exposed boiler, as well as stains on the walls 

Listed since November, the flat claims to have an open-plan kitchen/reception with a bay window and high ceilings as well as a double bedroom with views overlooking the rear gardens.

The seller, who is only interested in cash buyers, promotes the ‘vibrant’ area surrounding the property by claiming North London ‘offers a host of eateries’ including independent coffee shops and organic supermarkets.  

Also writes: ‘Stoke Newington’s Church Street can be reached on foot in approximately 15 minutes (Google) offering a range of boutiques, Art Shops, restaurants and independent pubs.

‘Nearby Woodbury Wetlands nature reserve and reservoirs are home to a number of different animals, seen whilst walking round the this beautiful open space, with further parks including Clissold Park and Abney Park also within short walking distance. 

A photograph of the ‘spacious’ bedroom shows mysterious stains covering the floor, walls and the ceiling, as well as the curtains. Although the ad does warn that the space is in need of complete refurbishment 

The property boasts of having an open-plan kitchen/reception area. Although the definition is a little questionable, given that the back of the units face out into the sitting room 

Located on the ground floor, the flat is in a Victorian conversion (pictured) with its own private front door

Ian racked up almost 1,000 likes on his tweet claiming properties in London will ‘humble you’

‘The West Reservoir Centre offers sailing and kayaking courses for adults and children, along with a range of other activities available. The Castle climbing centre is also close by offers internal and external climbing walls and bouldering facilities.’

Photographs of the property show almost every room is in need of redecorating, as stains cover the floor and ceilings.

The bathroom appears to need the most work with peeling walls exposing brick and seemingly gaps in the floor boards. 

Unimpressed, one person wrote: ‘Actually saw parking spots being sold in London for that. It’s bad when you start to think things are a bargain’

Another joked: ‘Perfect for a DIY enthusiast’, while a third added: ‘Nowhere for the rats to hide’ 

Many responses to Ian’s tweet joked that the property is suitable for someone who enjoys DIY

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