Flybe flights: Can I get my money back from Flybe? Top tips on how to get a refund

Flybe flights: Can I get my money back from Flybe? Top tips on how to get a refund


Unless you have been living under a rock you probably know that Europe’s biggest regional airline has gone into administration after 40 years of business. The airline collapsed on March 5, and all flights operated by Flybe and their sister airline Stobard Air have been cancelled. If you are affected by this, you’re probably wondering how you can get a refund. We’ve got the answers.

What happened to Flybe?

After months of financial difficulties, the British regional airline announced it can no longer operate.

Passengers are stuck abroad with no replacement flights, struggling to find another way home.

Unless passengers bought a package holiday with flights included, it is very unlikely they will get a refund.

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I’m already on holiday and am supposed to be flying back with Flybe, what do I do?

Flybe will not be covering your flights home, and your rights to a refund depend on whether your flight is covered by travel insurance or ATOL-protected.

The best thing you can do is book yourself new flights home, even though this means you can’t claim compensation through your travel insurance.

You could then claim back your money on the cancelled flights under Section 75 of the Consumer Rights Act for credit card customers, as long as you have spent more than £100.

I’ve booked a flight with Flybe, what do I do?

Flybe is advising customers not to travel to the airport, unless they have managed to book another flight.

Again, the company will not be arranging new flights for customers who have booked with them.

Your best bet is requesting a “chargeback” with your credit or debit card provider, on the grounds that you have not received what you have paid for.

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Will my travel insurance cover my cancelled flights with Flybe?

You might be able to go to your travel insurer for knock-on costs.

If ‘scheduled airline failure cover’ is part of your policy, you should be able to claim money back.

However, look into the terms and conditions because this may not stand if you buy another flight before you claim it back.

Before doing anything else, check the fine print on your insurance with your insurance company.

Data analyst Defaqto have said that nearly 50 percent of travel insurance policies offer cover for scheduled airline failure, so you might be one of the lucky ones.

Are any other airlines at risk of collapse?

With coronavirus not showing signs of going anywhere, Flybe could be the “first of many” airlines to collapse in 2020, said Redburn’s transport analyst James Goodall.

It is expected that more airlines will go bankrupt over the next few months, with less and less people wanting to travel amid coronavirus fears.

In fact, the International Air Transport Association (IATA) predicted last Thursday that airlines could lose anywhere from $63 billion to $113 billion globally this year.

The IATA estimated a loss of $29 billion world-wide for last month alone.

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