GameStop accidentally leaks PS5's backwards compatibility

GameStop accidentally leaks PS5's backwards compatibility


PlayStation 5 leak reveals the hotly-anticipated new console will work with old PS4 games and support 8k gaming

  • The retailer leaked that the console will be backwards compatible with the PS4 
  • Specs were listed in a since-edited page on GameStop’s website 
  • Major factors like cost and when the console will be released are still unknown
  • The specs are mostly on par with those of the upcoming Xbox 

Accidental leaks from the game retailer, GameStop, have given the best official overview of Sony’s upcoming PlayStation 5.

A now-deleted overview was found by Tom’s Guide on Gamestop’s registration page for those interested in receiving information on when the next-generation console will become available for pre-order.

In addition to leaking specs like compatibility with 8K displays and its use of a solid state hard drive, the web page also suggested that it will be backwards compatible with PlayStation 4 games.

Sony’s PlayStation 5 has yet to be unveiled but specs made their way to GameStop’s website and were subsequently deleted

Other leaked information includes specs that had been previously rumored by not actually released by Sony, including the new console’s use of an 8-core AMD chipset and 3D audio – a technology designed to make it seems as though sound is actually coming from all around you. 

Outside of those specs, however, little has been revealed about major points of interest, including how much the console will cost and when it will be officially released. 

According to a report from Bloomberg last month which cited sources familiar with the matter, the PlayStation 5’s use of in-demand flash memory components may increase the cost of manufacturing to $450, meaning the console will likely retail for at least $470.

As noted by Bloomberg, the PlayStation 4 – Sony’s current iteration of game console – first retailed for $399 and reportedly costs the company about $380 to manufacture.

Overall, the PlayStation5’s specs put it on par with what has already been revealed about Microsoft’s forthcoming Xbox Series X. 


GameStop accidentally leaked details about the mysterious PlayStation 5 in a page on its website.

Specs include: 

  • Full 8K TV support
  • Bespoke 8-core AMD chipset
  • 3D Audio
  • Built-for-purpose SSD storage
  • Backwards compatibility with PS4 games/PSVR hardware
  • Ray tracing capabilities

In a statement last month, Xbox chief Phil Spencer announced that the upcoming console, called the Series X, will have 12 teraflop of GPU performance, which is two times more powerful than the latest Xbox One X and four times more powerful than the specs of the original Xbox One.

As noted by The Verge, the improvement outpaces mid-range graphics cards made by Nvidia and AMD and offers the first glimpse into what kind of power the next generation of consoles has in store.

Additionally, Xbox said that the console will have its own patented version of Variable Rate Shading (VRS), a type of technology that chooses where to allocated processing power when rendering an image.

Microsoft has also previously said that the Series X will run games at 4K resolution with the possibility of running 8K resolution with frame rates of up to 120 frames-per-second.

While Xbox plows ahead with hardware improvements, it will work to preserve its standing legacy of games with backwards compatibility by making 

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