Germophobe hires the whole supermarket to herself so she can shop alone

Germophobe hires the whole supermarket to herself so she can shop alone


A woman rented out an entire supermarket in a bid to shop in a safe environment with her baby because she hates "germy people".

Mum Emma, from US, claimed she wanted her daughter, Crete, to have "real life experiences".

So she and her husband, Lucas, would hire the supermarket to themselves for one hour of uninterrupted grocery shopping.

"We actually rent out a grocery store for one hour, one day a week before they open," Emma said in a video.

"We have paid the grocery store to sanitise everything and let us be the only people in there shopping so we don’t have to be in there shopping with other germy people."

While insisting they are not crazy parents, Emma admitted that the price to rent the entire store is not cheap.

She explained: "Let’s just say we wouldn’t be renting out the grocery store if we weren’t rich – it's pretty pricey.

"It would actually be cheaper to rent it out after they closed in the evenings but that doesn't fit our schedule.

"We only allow one employee in there to bring us out at the end and they have to wear a full hazmat suit and a face shield the entire time."

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Emma said her husband does not care much about germs, which can bother her from time to time.

She also joked that she has to "keep a distance" from him.

Viewers found it hard to believe and asked if she was actually an employee at the local supermarket.

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Emma responded to the comment by posting a video of them shopping inside the empty store.

They walk past the aisles and no customer or staff are seen in the store.

One viewer challenged: "'Germaphobe' yet doesn't wear a mask in public during a respiratory pandemic."

A second wrote: "Are you aware that being introduced to germs throughout your life helps children build up their immune system for later in life?"

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