Girl, 8, Walks Miles Alone in the Woods to Find Help for Dying Mom After Car Crash


An 8-year-old girl walked for miles through the woods of Georgia as she tried to find someone to help her mom following a car crash.

Tragically, after the young girl was discovered all alone, her mother, Mandy Morehouse, was found dead.

Morehouse, 32, was driving with her daughter near Riceboro, Georgia — about 48 miles south of Savannah — when she crashed into a ditch, WSAV 3 reported Tuesday.

Following the crash, the pair left the vehicle and began walking in the woods nearby, the outlet reported, but after a night in the wilderness, Morehouse became unresponsive.

The 8-year-old is believed to have stayed by her mom’s side for another night before continuing on alone to get help.

Liberty County Sheriff Steve Sikes told WSAV 3 that the 8-year-old “said her Mommy was unresponsive this morning and she knew that she needed to walk out somewhere.”

Sikes said that the young girl ended up walking between three and four miles before she was found around 2:30 p.m. by an off-duty EMT who was using a metal detector nearby.

The young girl appeared to be uninjured, save for some bug bites and a few scratches, WSAV 3 reported.

“She was very, very helpful,” Sikes said of the girl. “She’s a brave little girl and she’s to be commended for her part in finding her mother and bringing this thing to a conclusion.”

Sikes added that authorities were still left confused as to what Morehouse’s intention was in regards to walking through the woods.

“That’s a question that we’re going to have to follow up with,” he said, per WSAV 3. “We don’t really know at this point.”

The investigation is ongoing.

The Long County Sheriff’s Department, where the two were initially reported missing Tuesday, did not immediately respond to PEOPLE’s request for comment and the Liberty County Sheriff’s Department did not answer PEOPLE’s phone call.

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