Grants of £5k to install pump heaters as government plans to ban all gas boilers

Grants of £5k to install pump heaters as government plans to ban all gas boilers


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Other measures being considered by the Government to reach its net-zero target include a ban on all new gas boilers by 2035. Kate Blagojevic, Greenpeace UK’s head of climate, said: “While £5,000 grants and a 2035 boiler phase-out date are a decent start, they aren’t ambitious enough to adequately tackle emissions from homes or support low-income households to switch.

“What’s also missing from these reports is any mention of a programme to insulate the millions of draughty homes. Low carbon heating must go hand in hand with improving energy efficiency, you can’t have one without the other.” Boris Johnson is expected to publish his Heat And Buildings Strategy next week and is promising to deliver a new “green industrial revolution” for Britain.

Nearly six in 10 people have either never heard of a heat pump – an electrified low-carbon heating technology that will be needed by most homes in a net-zero world – or know almost nothing about them, research by the Institute for Public Policy Research has found. The typical cost is around £10,000.

An alternative could be green gas, providing 100 per cent clean power to homes without the need to get rid of boilers.

Eco-entrepreneur Dale Vince thinks millions of boilers could be spared the axe by switching to green gas produced by farms.

He said: We don’t need to change any gas mains infrastructure. And more importantly, consumers won’t need to change any of their appliances at home.”

The Daily Express and Dale’s energy firm Ecotricity have launched a campaign to save Britain’s gas boilers.

Dale said gas from grass will slash the cost of going green. He added: “Switching to green gas would transform the rural economy, creating tens of thousands of sustainable farming jobs, just as EU subsidies come to an end.”

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