Have You Signed Up To Be A WH Stronger Member Yet?

Have You Signed Up To Be A WH Stronger Member Yet?


You’re already #WHStrong and now we want to help you level up with Women’s Health’s all-new WH Stronger membership program.

For just $3 per month, you’ll lock in a Digital-Only membership, giving you unlimited access to our online content, a weekly members-only newsletter, and access to exclusive online articles (including our 4-week bodyweight challenge!).

Or, for just $25 a year, your WH Stronger All-Access membership will include all of the above, plus a one-year subscription to the print magazine, and 50 percent off a one-year All Out Studio fitness app membership. (All Out is the exclusive home to workout videos from Women’s Health, Men’s Health, Prevention, and Cosmopolitan!)

Yes, that’s on top of unlimited site access and an exclusive newsletter!

Frequently Asked Questions

What can I get for free?

You’ll have access to four online articles per month, and you’ll still receive any newsletters you’ve signed up for in your inbox free of charge.

What are the different subscription options?

There are two main types of WH Stronger memberships. We also have a third option for existing print subscribers. (see next question).

Both plans give you unlimited access to our website, the members-only newsletter, and exclusive digital content (including details on Kate Beckinsale’s skincare routine, how one woman used the 80-20 plan to lose more than 150 pounds, and the signs of an emotional affair).

The All-Access membership also includes a print subscription and 50 percent off a year-long subscription to All Out Studio.

FYI: Your Digital-Only subscription is billed monthly and All-Access is billed annually.

You can sign up for either option here. There is a third option for existing print subscribers too. See below!

I already subscribe to the print magazine, how can I join?

That’s easy. You can upgrade your existing print subscription to a WH Stronger membership by selecting the “Upgrade” option here. You will get an additional year of the print mag, and everything else included in the All-Access option described above.

What if I only want a print subscription?

That’s totally doable. You can get the magazine delivered to your door for $15 a year, without the other All Access benefits, by clicking here to subscribe.

Who do I contact if I have issues/questions about my account?

There’s a customer service team at the ready to resolve any technical issues, or assist in helping you upgrade or cancel your membership. You can reach a customer service rep by emailing membersupport@womenshealthmag.com.

I’m an international subscriber, can I join WH Stronger?

Anyone with a US-currency based card (Amex, Visa, Mastercard, Discover) can subscribe to the monthly digital-only option. The annual options are available to US and Canada residents only.

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