‘Having big boobs can be hard – my dress exploded and I wear three bras to gym’

‘Having big boobs can be hard – my dress exploded and I wear three bras to gym’


An ex-model has opened up about the daily struggles of having big boobs.

Billie, from Canada, said her large chest causes her "problems" in everyday life – from going out for meals to finding clothes that fit her properly.

The glam blonde took to TikTok to talk about a "wardrobe malfunction" she had when wearing velvet dress with straps on the shoulders.

The outfit fits from the waist down – but when she lets go of her hands, the spaghetti strap breaks, almost leaving her breasts exposed.

"They literally exploded on us," Billie joked.

The TikToker also said her big breasts cause her pain in the back and chest when she goes running.

So to solve the issue, the TikToker has to go to extreme lengths.

To keep her boobs in place, she wears three bras and a supportive top to the gym.

When she puts on all the layers, she happily swings her arms up and says: "Now I can do cardio."

Another common problem happens whenever Billie goes to eat and her bust gets in the way.

When Billie wants to grab condiments across the table, her boobs "dip" in the food and leave a visible mark on her top.

"F*** my life," she wrote in the video.

Viewers shared their thoughts, with one saying: "How people don't understand that she puts on three bras because it's painful."

"That must be painful and uncomfortable," a second wrote.

A third advised Billie to buy undergarments with adjustable straps so that clothes fit her better.

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