Here comes Santa Paws! Dog study unveils your pet’s favourite Christmas songs

Here comes Santa Paws! Dog study unveils your pet’s favourite Christmas songs


Wham! – Last Christmas

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The survey was carried out by the charity Guide Dogs and asked 1,000 dog owners across the UK about their pets’ favourite Christmas songs. From wintry classics such as Bing Cosby’s White Christmas to more recent belters, such as The Pogues’ Fairytale of New York, everyone has at least one song they can’t get enough of throughout December. And according to the new study, pooches are no exception to the rule, with a number of clear favourites trending among the surveyed pet owners.

The study found that Wham!’s chart-topping Last Christmas was the firm favourite, scoring 10 percent of the vote.

The song was closely followed by the universally beloved Jingle Bells at nine percent.

Mariah Carey and her 1994 hit single All I Want for Christmas Is You scored third place with six percent of the overall vote.

The study also found upbeat songs were generally preferred by the pooches at 22 percent of the vote.

In contrast, quiet songs scored 18 percent and instrumental and slow songs scored 14 percent apiece.

And though firm favourites emerged from the pack, the research found how the dogs reacted to the songs were just as varied.

Of the 90 percent of pets that were found to enjoy the sound of music, 23 percent reacted by enthusiastically wagging their tails and 15 percent were described as generally acting excited.

However, some 12 percent appeared to calm down and another 11 percent even appeared to fall asleep.

Mariah Carey performs All I Want For Christmas Is You

Dr Helen Whiteside, the chief scientific officer at Guide Dogs, said: “As we look forward to spending the festive period with friends and loved ones, this Christmas will be a step-change for an entire generation of new dogs born during lockdown.

“Houses are likely to be busier than normal and many dogs’ routines will change.

“Music is often used to calm dogs in times of change and stress, so it is unsurprising that it will play a key role for dogs this Christmas.

“But also we can see from the poll that music can bring out fun moments for dog and owner to share, so take a look at our top 10 list and let us know your favourites this Christmas.”

And it’s not just dogs reacting to the festive tunes, according to the survey.

About 33 percent of pet owners said they were more likely to prioritise their pets musical preferences over their parents’.

About 23 percent said they would do the same, prioritising music their pets will enjoy over their friends’ choices.

If you are one of those lucky pet owners whose dog is more than pleased to hear Holly Jolly Christmas or It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year come on the radio, Guide Dogs has asked that you share a video clip with their official Twitter page, @guidedogs.

The Top 10 Christmas Songs Enjoyed by Dogs:

1. Last Christmas – Wham!

2. Jingle Bells

3. All I Want for Christmas Is You – Mariah Carey

4. Driving Home for Christmas – Chris Rea

5. I Wish It Could Be Christmas Everyday – Wizzard

6. Merry Christmas Everybody – Slade

7. Silent Night

8. Fairytale of New York – The Pogues

9. It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas – Michael Buble

10. A Wonderful Christmas Time – Paul McCartney

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