Honey I can't cope! Spouses share their wives ultimate fails

Honey I can't cope! Spouses share their wives ultimate fails


For better… or for worse! Husbands share snaps of their wives’ hilariously frustrating antics – from haphazard sunscreen application to dropping the dinner on the floor

  • Spouses around the world have been sharing their wives most epic fails
  • One husband found his wife’s missing sewing needle a few days later in his toe
  • Whilst in America one wife learnt what a dry wall was, when in the attic  

Husbands have shared photographs of the moments their wives left them crying out in frustration. 

Social media users around the world shared snaps of the ‘what were they thinking?’ moments, including one woman who stuck her foot through drywall. 

One husband showed off his horrific sunburn after his wife applied sunscreen in the most haphazard fashion. Another found his wife’s missing sewing needle… when he trod on it on the living room floor and ended up in hospital.

The most hilarious snaps were rounded up in a Bored Panda gallery. 

Here, FEMAIL shares some of the best examples…  

Ouch! That’s got to hurt: This man trusted his wife to put on his sunscreen… but soon realised she hadn’t got the coverage he had hoped when he was left with a burnt back 

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Putting her foot in it! This American woman was met with ridicule from her husband when she put her foot through the drywall of their home 

Pasta disaster! This woman was ready to simply give up after her pan of tomato sauce spilled all over the floor – but their cat looked delighted  

So that’s where it was! Imagine this husband’s surprise when he found his wife’s lost sewing needle a few days later when he stepped on it and ended up in hospital 

This is beyond creepy: In St Louis, Missouri, this husband is questioning not only his wife’s packing skills but also where he can take his daughter for therapy when she sees her dolls

Crash landing: Elsewhere in America, this wife was pleased with her new potted plant purchase and gave it the prized space on a shelf above the toilet – but it wasn’t to last

How did she manage that? One husband shared how his wife at literally cut the cable whilst trying to open her new USB cable 

No need to take it so literally! This woman seemed to be slightly confused about the purpose of freezer bags 

You missed a spot: In San Diego this man may never ask his girlfriend to shave his head again… unless that was the look he was going for  

Caught red handed: This husband suspected his wife’s Scrabble scores were too good to be true and a quick look at her search history revealed that to be the case

Absolute horror: In the US a husband woke up to this terrifying sight, to learn that his wife had moved the coat stand

Not feline very happy! This cat, who lives with its owners in the US, was subjected to the humiliation of wearing his owner’s sweater

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