Hooters waitress on creepy comments she gets from men including are they real

Hooters waitress on creepy comments she gets from men including are they real


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A Hooters waitress has revealed the extent of the creepy comments she receives from male customers.

Brenda Perez, from Miami, Florida, has worked for the American restaurant chain for two years while also studying law.

While she loves the flexibility and the money her role provides, she doesn’t always enjoy the comments she receives from clientele.

Speaking exclusively to Daily Star, the 23-year-old said she receives inappropriate remarks “all the time”.

From making comments about her breasts to comparing her to chicken, Brenda’s heard it all.

“Some of them are more cheesy dad pick up lines like the typical ‘Are you on the menu?’ Or ‘I want my wings naked and hot, like my women’ but other ones are more outright inappropriate,” she said.

“Sometimes they’ll flat out talk about my body. One time I was walking by a table and one of the guys just points at me and goes ‘Let me guess… 32D?’ Like, what do I even say to that?

“Another time a guy asked me to take a picture with him which is pretty common and I guess my hair was covering my chest but he goes ‘Get the tits in it’. So disgusting.”

The intrusive questions don’t end there – and they usually revolve around her breasts.

Brenda continued: “Another common one is men asking if my boobs are real which I have no idea why that would matter, the wings will taste the same regardless.

“I don’t like the superiority complex some customers get when they’re dealing with young female servers or the way they feel entitled to our conversation and attention.

“I mean, do you expect your server at Olive Garden to flirt with you for three hours?”

While there is the odd bad apple, the law student says the majority of customers are respectful.

It may shock some but Brenda says the majority of customers are families and couples.

“Don’t get me wrong, we definitely get the stereotypical men who push their luck but it’s not as typical as most would think,” she explained.

“It’s kinda funny though, sometimes a parent will come in shielding their child’s eyes asking if we allow kids. Hooters is definitely a family restaurant.”

Like many of the other women who work at Hooters, Brenda is working at the restaurant to help her graduate from school debt-free.

She added: “Hooters is a great place to work when you’re young and finding your place in the world.”

Brenda loves the fact that she walks out every day with cash in her pocket as opposed to waiting two weeks for her paycheck.

On an average day, Brenda will walk home with $150 (£120) to $200 (£160) in tips.

On slower days, she’ll receive closer to $100 (£80) and on a busy day, she can push $300 to $400 (up to £320).

“However, I don’t like the unreliability of tips. It’s rare but there have been shifts where I walk out with less than $20 (£16) which isn’t even enough to cover the gas it took to get there,” she said.

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