Horoscopes today – Russell Grant’s star sign forecast for November 10

Horoscopes today – Russell Grant’s star sign forecast for November 10


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Stop being so distrustful. Just because one person let you down in the past, this does not mean other people will do the same. You half expect a joint project to go wrong and you’re just waiting for someone to pull out or ruin arrangements. Your defensive behaviour is starting to get a partner down.


The true test of career success lies in your willingness to follow your passion. Are you happy in your job? Are there aspects of your work you would like to see changed? You might be making pots of money but if you aren’t getting a lot out of the work you do, it might be time to consider a change.


Things are tense at home. You and a housemate are hardly talking to each other. If someone continues sulking, resentment will set in. If you’re tired of the atmosphere between you, be the first to extend an olive branch. Life is too short to spend too long arguing.


Someone who recently did you a favour now wants something from you. You had half-suspected they would have an ulterior motive. They should not use a past act of kindness as a lever to get their own way. Stand your ground if you don’t want to get involved.


You positively sparkle. You have a charm and allure that other people find attractive. You may not feel any different but people who don’t normally notice you are starting to pay attention. Turn your attention to romantic and social interests. Life’s too short to deny yourself of fun and pleasure.


Problems encountered will be challenging you. You wonder whether you are the right person for an assignment you have recently taken on. Ask for support from someone who is knowledgeable and experienced and this could be the start of a wonderful friendship.


Now you have taken on some work, you should endeavour to complete it to a reasonably high standard. You might wish you had never agreed to do this job but don’t rush to get it out of the way. In future, think twice before agreeing to arrangements that might make you unhappy.


A financial issue that has recently cropped up is causing you to question someone’s honesty. If you intuitively feel there has been some deliberate deceit, try to word your questions with care. If you find someone’s excuses feeble, break away from these arrangements as soon as possible.


You’re wondering whether there is something going on in the workplace or neighbourhood that you should know about. Someone is keeping a secret and you’re tempted to do a little digging to discover more about the situation. You’re doing this to look after your own interests and not because you are nosy.


Dropping out of social plans may disappoint someone but it can’t be helped. You’ve got to take care of your close relationships while you have a chance. You and a partner can get through a tricky patch by being willing to settle your differences and start over again.


If you and a partner disagree over the way joint money matters should be handled, do something now before this turns into a major problem. This may mean opening separate bank accounts so you have control over your personal finances. Keep discussions honest and open.


An old flame will be in touch. Ask yourself why they are taking a renewed interest in you. Could it be because you are with someone new and they’re secretly jealous? Don’t let anyone ruin your happiness. Be very careful about letting them back into your life.

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