Horoscopes today – Russell Grants star sign forecast for Saturday, July 16

Horoscopes today – Russell Grants star sign forecast for Saturday, July 16


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Put imaginative thought into anything you are dealing with now. Don’t let rigid thinking hold you back. This is your chance to put your wonderful spirit of adventure to positive use without having anyone suggest you are being too impatient or reckless. An adventurous friend will give you a great travel idea.


You are torn between buying a bargain for the home that has caught your eye or taking up a friend’s offer to enjoy an extravagant night out. Both ideas will appeal but you can only have one or the other and you don’t have very much time in which to make up your mind.


Refuse to listen to excuses why you should stay where you are if you feel you deserve a raise or promotion. Your boss will be persuasive, praising you in abundance but refusing to offer any other incentive for you to remain where you are.


A persuasive friend will try to get you to join in with their plans. These aren’t going to be inexpensive. Once you have made up your mind on what you intend to do with your leisure time, stick to your guns. The same advice goes when it comes to how much money you want to spend.


What begins as a casual conversation could lead you to arrange a journey in the not too distant future. There should be no shortage of things to do alone, with your friends or with your family. You will feel happiest when surrounded by lively and exciting company.


When it comes to dealing with business and finances, be open and honest in your approach. If necessary, encourage others to be the same. This should be an ideal time to take action should you be unhappy with a partnership arrangement. Work on a compromise now.


Choose your company wisely, especially if you are having to keep a careful eye on your spending. Beware a friend’s persuasive tongue, or they will have you splashing out in a foolish fashion. There is plenty you can do and enjoy without having to spend a lot.


Teammates are impressed by your ideas. Finding answers to problems you come up against now seems like child’s play. You’re using your imagination to find workable solutions to get a group project moving again. Just don’t feel obliged to grant every request you receive for help.


No matter what you were expecting to be doing, things seem to be a good deal quieter than anticipated. Far from feeling bored by all of this, you could be surprised by how pleasing you find this sudden lull in activity. You have a chance now to relax.


A need for some quiet and privacy has been with you lately and this is likely to continue. Even so, you shouldn’t remain behind closed doors all the time. You could miss out on an opportunity in your community to get involved in a fun fundraising project.


With you being so sensitive to the needs of your family and close friends, in return, they will be going out of their way to make you feel ultra-relaxed. Home life will be remarkably peaceful and harmonious. You and a romantic partner are about to embark on a new phase, even if you have been together for years.


You’re doing your best to keep your life running on well-organised lines. Either you are trying to prove something to yourself or to someone else but in important decisions, you have resolved to keep emotions out of it and to use logic to analyse and make decisions.

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