I bring peoples sexual fantasies to life through art – it makes me thousands

I bring peoples sexual fantasies to life through art – it makes me thousands


A 30-year-old artist who 'brings people's sexual fantasies to life through art' says it's making her thousands each month.

Rebecca, aka Gaptoothbaby specialises in "kink illustration". And the multidisciplinary artist with a focus on kink and BDSM says demand for her genre has never been higher. The artist, from London, has built up a dedicated fanbase on sensualist platform, Sensuali, and believes the number of erotic artists is on the rise.

Her work tackles taboo topics in BDSM, and her recent works include 'Girl Dinner' which sees the humour in BDSM acts, and Snatchpatch which celebrates body hair on women. The talented young artist's work is in hot demand, and Rebecca even held her first exhibition in London last year which was a major success.

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The redhead has built her fanbase using platforms like Sensuali – the judgement free sensualist platform for sex-positive experiences.

Rebecca commented: "From the age of 18 I've been a very sex-positive and curious person, and that intertwined with my love of lingerie and experience in the lingerie industry was what compelled me to become a kink illustrator.

"When I first started I don't think I sold a picture for years, now I sell paintings on a monthly basis at least and get larger scale commissions. People seem to be aware of me in the kink scene thanks to using platforms like Sensuali, and Instagram – and I've built a fanbase because I've been consistent with creating work."

The kink illustrator added: "I just got hooked on making boundary-pushing art and seeing what people’s reactions were. I really enjoyed challenging people who perceived kink as ‘taboo’.

"Many kinks are very natural, and yet people can be disgusted by them. But those disgusted responses are always what drive me to keep doing more.

"I want my kink illustration to at least provoke people to question what sex actually is, and perhaps make them realise that it doesn’t always have to be penis-in-vagina sex – there’s a million different ways to explore desire and all of that falls under the bracket of sex, and that’s surely so exciting!?"

Rebecca says it’s not just singles who come to her for artwork, as often a client will commission a piece for their partner as a gift and bring their kink to life in their own home.

She says her family are supportive of her unusual career choice, adding: "My mum loves it! She has a few pieces of mine on her walls.

"My dad is a bit more conservative but incredibly supportive. I don't think he'd display any of my work in his house though. My friends are great supporters and have bought paintings in the past which is amazing. A lot of artists don't get to have that privilege."

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A Sensuali spokesperson commented: "Sensuali is home to thousands of practitioners with diverse talents. Rebecca's talent as a kink illustrator is so unique, and we are delighted to see her expressing herself and using the platform to grow her fanbase.

"Her artwork is incredibly impressive, and well at home on Sensuali – which is judgement-free for sex-positive humans to embrace their sensuality."

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