‘I don’t care that I have a flat chest – you don’t need big boobs to cosplay’

‘I don’t care that I have a flat chest – you don’t need big boobs to cosplay’


A woman is showing you don't need to have big boobs to be sexy.

Clara Dao is known for sharing body positive content online and wants to show her 380,000 Instagram followers there's beauty in being "flat-chested" and "skinny". She recently slipped into a cosplay outfit to show you can still rock cosplay when you're "flat-chested".

The red-head took to the streets wearing blue jeans and a green bikini top as she dressed up as fictional character, Nami. She already had her fiery locks, but she said she could still rock the look even though her body is a little smaller than the character's.

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Clara looked happy and confident as she posed for a number of pictures proudly showing off her body. She wore her hair in a half-up, half-down style, and she kept her make-up super simple.

With her curly, bold locks she looked an absolute vision has she slipped into the saucy costume. She proved that beauty comes in all shapes and sizes, and people are thrilled she's speaking out for women with smaller frames.

As well as this, she told people she didn't need to have big breasts to pull off the look.

Writing on Instagram, Clara said: "I may not have her chest but I have her hair hehe. Who says I can't cosplay as a character with a big chest?

"It's wrong to tell a woman she can't dress up as a character because she 'doesn't have the body type for it'. Women in real life AND fictional characters are so much more than their bodies!"

Since she shared the post, more than 23,000 people have liked it, and her followers were quick to comment too. Her fans told her she "slayed" as she showed off her bod with pride.

One person said: "I'm a very big One Piece Fan, it's my favourite Anime. But the Fandom can be so toxic sometimes.

"I witnessed quite a lot that people get mad when a Cosplayer doesn't have the same body proportions as the character, which is absolutely RIDICULOUS! These characters are drawn and more than often in the unrealistic of ways."

Another wrote: "You got the hair AND the beauty. Gorgeous as always." A third replied: "I completely agree, and you give off amazing energy!! I love how confident you look, I hope you feel that way too! You look stunning!!"

Meanwhile, a fourth commented: "Clara, you don't need double D's to be sexxxy, you're sexxxy hot, Gorgeous and so beautiful!!! Total hottie!!"

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