I drunkenly ordered DNA kit and found dad after 22 years – we look like twins

I drunkenly ordered DNA kit and found dad after 22 years – we look like twins


A woman has shared the heart-warming moment she finally met her father after 22 years – and they look like ‘twins’.

Elise Jones, from Wales, took to Ancestry DNA to attempt to seek out her biological dad after years of wondering who her parent was.

The 22-year-old student nurse decided to search for her biological father when rumours would be batted around in secondary school.

The simple salvia test, that is done at home, can highlight the history of your heritage. So the student nurse found out she was 54% Irish and 41% Welsh.

Thanks to the DNA test, Elise matched with her grandmother of her father's side and then had to whittle down who her dad was out of six brothers.

From here, the site matched Elise in relation to Colm Verdon – who turned out to be her dad.

In a TikTok clip that's racked up 492,000 views, the lass shared the journey that led her to meet her father.

Elise wrote: “I found my father 22 years later through Ancestry DNA and this is how it went.”

At first, the pair exchanged photographs over Facebook as the daughter quipped: “We have the same chin.”

From there, Elise packed her suitcase and flew to meet her dad in person for the very first time – and it seems the pair really hit things off.

When Elise and Colm first met, they gave each other a massive hug to make up for all of the lost time they spent apart.

But if the DNA test was not enough, it is safe to say the pair do really look alike.

In the viral clip, Elise shared a series of snaps of them sitting next to each other – and the resemblance really is uncanny.

She mentioned: “The twin I never knew I had.”

And if it wasn’t for a drunken decision, the father and daughter may have never been united.

“As a joke I bought the ancestry kit, like under the influence of drinking,” Elise told Jonathan McCrea on the Futureproof podcast.

Amazed at the father and daughter finally being united, many people fled to the comments on the TikTok clip to praise Elise – and gawk at how much the pair look alike.

One person commented: “Omg you’re literal twins.”

Another user added: “He couldn’t deny you if he wanted to, that face is the image! I love that you found each other.”

While a third person voiced: “So lovely! Happy for you both.”

Someone else shared: “Wow, this is amazing. Spitting image.”

And, a fifth user noted: “He’s your double!”

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