I feel like giving up on love after being ghosted again

I feel like giving up on love after being ghosted again


DEAR DEIDRE: I WENT on three great dates with a lovely guy. But now he’s ghosting me, just like all the rest, and I feel like giving up.

I’m a woman of 35 and a single mum.

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The men I date let me down, so I end up texting them and checking if they are still interested in me.

This new guy was fantastic, though. He’s 38 and the first couple of times we went out together he seemed fine.

But after the last meeting, he called me saying he was going to take his life. I was shocked. Then he hung up on me.

I frantically called him back and – eventually – he answered. He said I was lovely, he’d been drunk and only wanted attention. I did my best to reassure him.

I was messaging him the next day and he was definitely online but he ignored me.

I said: “I thought we had something special going.”

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Finally, he replied saying: “I think you’re great but don’t hold out for me – I’m a liability.”

I feel I’ve been there for him but yet again, I feel let down.

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DEIDRE SAYS: You have been, yes.

But this guy comes with his own emotional struggles and I imagine you would like a relationship with somebody where you can enjoy their company, not be their counsellor.

Perhaps you are drawn to the wrong sort of person because of your own upbringing.

My support pack called Finding The Right Partner For You could help you make better choices next time.

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