I got cheap lip fillers that ended up looking like 'sausage lips'

I got cheap lip fillers that ended up looking like 'sausage lips'


I saved up my birthday money to have fillers but ended up with bruised sausage lips – my colleagues thought I’d been attacked

  • Natalie, 24, from Denbighshire, said she paid £75 for 1ml of ‘cheap’ lip filler
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A mother who opted to have filler in her lips has issued a stark warning after claiming the procedure left her with ‘sausage lips’ that were so big, people thought she had been beaten up.

Natalie Overton, 24, from Rhyl, Denbighshire, claims she paid £75 for 1ml of lip filler in January, but claims she only received 0.5 ml as she begged the specialist to stop halfway through the procedure.

The pharmacy worker claimed that, while injecting her lip, the practitioner burst a blood vessel which caused severe facual swelling and left her looking bruised. 

She said the state of her lips caused concern among work colleagues, who were concerned she had been the victim of domestic violence.

Now fully recovered, Natalie is urging others to remain suspicious of ‘cheap’ lip filler and to do their own research.

Natalie Overton (pictured), 24, from, Denbighshire has warned others about the dangers of ‘cheap’ lip fillers after the procedure left her with ‘sausage lips’ (Here, Natalie is pictured following the procedure)

The mother-of-one said she paid £75 for 1ml of lip filler in January, but claims she only received 0.5 ml as she begged the specialist to stop

Perhaps what Natalie found even more shocking was that she had undergone lip filler treatment once before and was ‘really pleased’ with the results. (Natalie is pictured before the procedure)

Natalie explained: ‘It was horrible, it was getting bigger and bigger, I had horrible sausage lips.

‘I had to wear a mask. I looked like a complete idiot because my lips were massive.

‘It looked like a bowling ball for three weeks. I worked at a school and was wearing a mask every day. I was just covered in bruises around my mouth.

‘I was working with kids at the time and all the teachers thought I was having trouble at home.

‘They thought someone had been hitting me. All the kids kept saying “what’s that on your face?”

‘I had to just say “I don’t want to be here, can I go home”?’

Photos of Natalie’s lips after the botched procedure show bruises and scabs forming around her mouth, as well as reddening and a large lump. 

She described the lump as similar to ‘a bowling ball’ and was forced to spend a month hiding it behind a face mask.

The pharmacy worker said the state of her lips caused concern amongst work colleagues, who believed she was a victim of domestic violence

She accused the specialist of bursting a blood vessel in her bottom lip during the procedure

Natalie has described the lump on her lips at the time as ‘a bowling ball’ and was forced to spend a month hiding it behind a face mask.

Natalie revealed she was especially surprised by the reaction because she had had lip filler before and had previously been ‘really pleased’ with the results.

In fact, she was so thrilled with how her lips looked, she saved up money from her birthday to have a top-up of filler the following month. 

The mother-of-one stumbled upon the injector from Denbighshire, after browsing on Facebook. So impressed by her work on other clients, she decided to get in touch with the specialist to book an appointment.

Natalie said she asked the practitioner if she had insurance, but admitted she didn’t read the certificates placed on her office wall.

Still, she has been left gobsmacked with the bungled results, and claims she was only offered an ‘insulting’ £10 refund for the disaster, and was even told to keep it a secret.

She continued: ‘I saw her business on Facebook because she had done the lips of someone I knew. I liked the look of the lips and thought I’d give her a go.

‘I messaged her on her business page on Facebook and got an appointment quite quickly. She charged me £75 for what should’ve been 1 ml, which is very cheap.

‘She did my top lip first and that went well to be fair, it was very quick. Then she did half my bottom lip, got to the other side and I felt my lip touch my tooth. It was going inwards.

‘My lip just immediately went into a purple bowling ball on my face. It was a really dark red inside my lip.

‘She said “oh my God, just wait there”. You’re meant to get it dissolved but she just squeezed the filler out of my lips’.

Despite only having 0.5 ml of filler injected into her lips, Natalie claimed she was charged the full amount for an incomplete procedure.

Natalie explained: ‘I didn’t know at the time but after I went to somebody else, they said she’d gone too far into the lip and popped a blood vessel.

‘Obviously I was numb at the time so couldn’t really feel it but the next day my face went black.

Perhaps what made the calamity even worse for the mum, was that she had gotten the fillers done for her birthday

Natalie said the practitioner used an ointment called Arnica to soothe the swelling and ‘squeezed’ the filler out instead of dissolving it 

Lip augmentation or ‘lip filler’ is a cosmetic procedure that alters the shape of your lips using fillers such as collagen or implants

‘She wasn’t trained to fix it. She didn’t know what to do, she was squeezing the filler out of my lips so hard.

‘She fobbed me off with some Arnica and said “let me know what it’s like in a couple of weeks”.’

Natalie claimed the practitioner begged her not to tell anyone and asked to ‘keep it between us’ as she offered £10 as a refund. When she asked for a full refund over WhatsApp, she claims the practitioner blocked her number.

Natalie said the practitioner got back in touch a few weeks later informing her about aftercare treatment – and ‘begged’ her to return for discounted treatment.

‘She wanted to sort them out again and I thought, ‘I don’t want to go anywhere near you’,’ said Natalie.

‘She said, “please come back, I’ll give you another 1 ml for £50”. She was trying to blag me into it’.

Natalie soon discovered another client had also raised concerns about the practitioner.

She then decided to share her story on social media months later and logged a complaint with Trading Standards. 

She hopes her story will inspire others to keep away from ‘cheap’ lip fillers – branding them ‘dangerous’.

She continued: ‘It’s definitely put me off getting my lips done. I won’t go to anyone else but my auntie now and I cried when she did it.

‘I would definitely warn other girls to be suspicious of cheap filler. It’s dangerous and it’s your face at the end of the day’.

Denbighshire County Council confirmed that Public Protection officers are investigating.

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